Laws, Lawyers & The Legal System in Suits vs Drop, Dead, Diva #FridayReview

When my brother (forcefully) made me watch the pilot episode of Suits 5 years back, I did not expect to have my mind blown to such a level. I instantly fell for Harvey Specter’s awesomeness and Mike Ross’s vulnerable yet sharp personality and mind. It was Suits that got me hooked on to laws and the legal system. It was because of Suits that a deep admiration and respect for lawyers grew in me.

A few weeks ago, thanks to Netflix (suggested TV shows) I stumbled upon Drop, Dead, Diva (henceforth referred to as DDD) . Though its story and plotline is completely different from Suits, DDD too revolves around lawyers, law and the legal system.

It led me to thinking about how the shows represent the legal system, their cases and even their lead characters, in a completely different manner. Based on what I’ve seen so far, here’s my comparative analysis

Women in Suits vs Women in DDD

Where Suits has two men as lead characters, DDD drives on one woman as the lead character. There are similarities between Mike Ross and Jane Bingum though. The major similarity being their compassion and empathy towards the clients and cases that they handle. Other women in DDD however aren’t as strong as the women in Suits like Donna, Jennifer and Rachel, who comparatively have stronger personalities as well as screen presence.

Men in Suits vs Men in DDD

Yes, agreed that Suits has men as their central and lead characters, but the men in DDD fail and pale in comparison miserably. Even Louis (Suits) , who probably has lesser screen presence than Grayson (DDD) comes out stronger and as someone who goes above and beyond for the ones he loves and fights hard for what he wants. The men in DDD are weak, and to a point even misogynistic (especially Parker) in the way they treat the women in their lives.

Dealing with cases

In the initial seasons of Suits, I majorly enjoyed the show because of the cases it dealt with and how the bad guys were put down by the combined wits of Harvey, Mike and even Jessica. Later on the show became more about the personal life problems of the lead characters. While DDD too shows the struggles of the lead characters (especially Jane/Deb) in their personal lives, the thing I like about it most is that it shows at least two cases in each episode. And these cases deal with issues right from politics to everyday biases faced by women, immigrants in the US, LGBT community and much more.

Relationships in Suits vs Relationships in DDD

The Rachel-Mike, Donna-Harvey relationships have given us #couplegoals over the years and we dig for them from all our hearts. We feel bad for Louis and Jessica too for missing out on great relationships because of their work dynamics. However, DDD, in this department, fails a little. The Jane-Grayson angel gets annoying after a point and you end up wishing they’d either move on or end up with each other, neither of which happens, because either the timing is bad or because they haven’t yet realized they’re meant to be together. This, frankly gets on your nerves in some episodes.
In the end, I’d like to conclude by saying that both the shows, are good in their own way and worth a watch.

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