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You Don’t Exist, But You Added Meaning To My Existence

Letters That Matter ~ 10


Dear favorite fictional character,


Whether you were an animal or a human, a Demi God, witch or a wizard, your journey and growth, your experiences and interactions with other characters, taught me more than most real life people have and ever can.

You taught me about love, family, friendship and relationships. Above all you taught me how to live. You’re not real, but for me you’re as real as every book I read and loved. Your struggles made me fret, your pains made me cry and your victories made me cheer.

Your journeys made me realize that nothing will ever be easy, not at least the things that are worth having;but in the end everything will be just fine.

Loyalty, standing up for yourself, facing your fears, loving someone despite their flaws, are some things I never would have known, if not for you. More than anything else, you made me love myself for what I am, accept my flaws and work on my abilities. You taught me acceptance, you gave me patience, you showed me how I’m capable of change and growth. You showed me how to differentiate the good from the bad and how to choose wisely. You were the therapist I never knew I needed, you were the family and friend I turned to when and if I needed. You made me laugh, you made me cry, but overall you gave me good times to live by.

So, this is me saying thank you being yourself and for letting me by myself too.


A believer in your existence and a fan

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