Beat Your Monday Blues By Taking A Look At Some Of The Most Ridiculous Viral Videos

The internet has made the world a huge hub of communication. It takes only few seconds for something to become a sensation, be it someone’s tweet, someone’s comments or views or even a video. The virtual world is full of such viral videos on the internet which feature not only celebrities but even common people. And why do these viral videos on the internet become popular? It is hard to boil it down to one reason or point but the one thing they all have in common is entertainment.

If you are addicted to the (smart) phone and the internet you might have seen these viral videos on the internet too (and might have been the reason behind it becoming viral too!) In case you haven’t seen one or any of the recent viral videos on the internet, here is a look at the current top 10.


1. Chai Pee Lo

Are you a ‘chai-lover’? So is this lady! And, when she asked us all to ‘drink tea’ it became one of the most viral videos on the internet without anyone understanding why?

2. Dancing Uncle

Merely by copying Bollywood actor’s dancing styles this uncle had become a national sensation! The video of him dancing with his wife has gone so viral that even Govinda took notice and the ‘Dancing Uncle’ got invited to a reality show where he danced alongside his idol and inspiration Govinda himself.



3. Winking Varrier

So, a girl winked and the whole nation went crazy? Why though? The reason remains unexplained. But the video did become a viral sensation on the internet overnight.


4. Burglary While Dancing

Stealing, thieving and burglary is a crime but it can make you famous too. A recent viral video on the internet has proved this. In the video, we can see a thief suddenly breaking into a dance. For some reason the internet loved it and netizens made the video a viral sensation.


5. Messi ka Chacha

An old man is seen playing football. Who knew he would become viral and even get tagged as ‘Messi ka Chacha” by internet’s favorite source of humour Mr. Virender Sehwag himself.

6. Battling Rains in Mumbai

Sambit Patra was captured struggling through the waterlogged streets of Mumbai during the heavy downpour over the past few days. The result? His photographs and videos have gone viral over the internet! Just because he is a ‘somebody’ and when thousands of common men struggle through the same and even complain about it repeatedly it falls on deaf ears.



7. The Punjabi Speaking Uncle

A man residing in America is recorded speaking Punjabi quite fluently. Instantly, the video becomes viral on the internet. Because, how can an American speak Punjabi, right?


viral videos on the internet 8


8. Celebrating The Punjabi Way

Punjabis definitely know how to celebrate. Be it a wedding or someone winning the lottery, they’re quite loud in their celebration or cheering. A recent video of a group of Punjabis celebrating England’s football win has gone viral over the internet and we really don’t know how or why?



9. Gormint Aunty

This is an old one but its still one of the most viral videos on the internet. An old lady is seen abusing the government and the internet loved her! This is the perfect example of people loving ‘kuch bhi.’


10. YouTuber’s Bollywood Dance

Bollywood craze has spread over the world and this viral video on the internet tells us how. However, why we have given it a viral status is still not clear.



11. Dhinchak Pooja

This one has got to be the most absurd one of them all. A girl got famous despite her ridiculous singing skills and weird lyrics. Why? Because the internet made her videos viral.

We’re definitely learning to ’embrace our ridiculousness’ and these viral videos prove just that. The internet indeed has become a place where ‘sab kuch bikta hai’.

(as published on TopYaps)

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