Letters That Matter

Thanks For The Good Times And Sorry We Didn’t Last

Letters That Matter ~ 9


Dear once upon a time good friend,


We may not be meeting up regularly, or talking to each other or may even have lost touch completely. But that hasn’t made you or the time I spent with you any less special or memorable.

Whatever our reasons for drifting apart, whether distance, or busy schedules, or growing egos, know that I still think of our times together with fondness. More importantly, I want you to know that I don’t blame you for our falling out or drifting apart. I may be more to blame here but hey, there’s always two sides to a coin. And also, we’re old enough to let bygones be bygones now.

We laughed, we shared, we cared and during that short period of time we stood by each other. Maybe I never did and you did or vice versa. The essence here is that we made each other happy and created memories together, which at least for me, formed a big part of my experiences, growing up and understanding of the world.


Wherever in the world you are, whether married or unmarried, with children or without children, kicking ass at work or being a great homemaker, I know you must be doing well for yourself; but whatever it is you are doing, I hope you’re happy. And I genuinely wish you well.

So, here’s me just saying, thanks for the good times and sorry for the bad times, if any. Also, I feel bad that we didn’t last, so apologies if that didn’t work out because I never made an effort or never reached out.

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Someone who remembers and will always remember

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