Looking At Nature’s Best in South India and God’s Own Country Through The Karwaan Road Trip #FridayReview

How many of us are happy with our jobs? And how many of us crushed our dreams of becoming a photographer, a dancer or an artist of any kind, just because our parents thought a job with a stable income is the mark of success. If you nodded your head, Karwaan is your story through Salman’s character, Avinash.

The green belt of South India has been beautifully captured in a road trip we’ve all wanted to take and all of us should take, at least once.

God’s Own Country, Kerala, is presented so well that you’ll want to jump right into the scenes to experience it first hand.

So here’s a few things I absolutely loved:

– Avinash runs into an old friend (female friend) during the journey , and despite it not being said out loud, we know they were more than ‘just friends’. The beauty of this was that, there’s no need for it to be explained and yet we are able to connect the dots.

-The relationships we miss out on or misunderstand because of ‘generation gap’ or ‘age difference’ which these days could be just a few years too.

-No need for a love angle, even though there were moments when Avinash and Tanya connected well.

And the most important thing: watch it for Irrfan Khan, his comic relief and his anecdotes on life which are at once insightful as well as relatable. The man is simply, not unlikeable, in any movie, irrespective of what character he plays and however small the role is.

The story is simple, and so is the movie. I would call it excellent but it’s actually more of a ‘not bad’; because as a dialogue in the movie itself goes ‘These days, even being not bad is a great thing’.

And the thing is, I’d much rather watch a ‘fictional story’ like Karwaan which is more close to real life, over a ‘real life’ story like Sanju which is far away from it.

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