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Meet the Underrated Heroes of India in Today’s #MondayMotivation Blog

There have been many famous personalities of India over the years who have became famous for various reasons. However, there are some who are lesser famous or those who haven’t got as much limelight. We all complain about the way things around us are. From the garbage around us to the traffic and potholes, we face problems and our way of dealing with it is through complaining. But there are some real life heroes who took the initiative to bring about a change in the everyday things we all complain about.

They should be the actual famous personalities of India because it was due to their contributions that our lives became a little better. Have a look at 15 top such underrated heroes whom we should appreciate.


1. Anand Kumar

Educators are truly underrated in our nation. But someone like Anand Kumar,  reinstated our belief that teachers are and should be the real famous personalities of India. He prepares the students of backward classes for the IIT exams at zero fees and his success rate is almost 100%. Now isn’t that something heroic?


famous personalities of India 1


2. Aditi Gupta

Girls in our country (even boys) aren’t taught or given the right knowledge about menstruation. Realizing how important this knowledge is, Aditi Gupta started ‘Menstrupedia’ which is a comic series guide that explains menstruation and all its surrounding issues in the most child-friendly manner.


famous personalities of India 6


3. Subroto Das

Highway accidents are something that claims thousands of lives across the country. Though we haven’t all actually experienced an accident on the highway, we all knew it wouldn’t be easy to get help. When Subroto Das and his family met with such an accident, they realized just how difficult it is. Instead of complaining, they took an initiative to ensure that nobody else would have to go through what they did. Thus was born Ahmedabad-based Lifeline Foundation which is a immediate medical service for those who are in the midst of an unfortunate accident on highways.


famous personalities of India 2


4. Anita Ahuja

Delhi based Anita Ahuja started Conserve India with two principles in mind. One, to reduce waste and two, to provide employment to the less privileged. Her firm turns up-cycled waste into fashion products like handbags, wallets, notebooks and laptop sleeves.


famous personalities of India 4


5. Arunachalam Muruganantham

Thanks to Padman we now know his story, but very few are actually aware about his name. It was because of this man that a taboo like menstrual periods was not only spoken about but the needs of women during those days of the months were addressed seriously too.


famous personalities of India 3


6. Shilpi Kapoor

Through BarrierBreak Shilpi Kapoor is providing employment opportunities to differently-abled people. Thanks to her people are now more sensitive towards such people. Her efforts have also reduced the gap between ability and accessibility thus helping create a more inclusive work environment and even a society for the people who are disabled.


famous personalities of India 6


7. Afroz Shah

The beaches in India are the most picturesque in the world. That might be difficult to believe because of our own doings. The state of the beaches in India is quite deplorable and that’s because we have littered them with rubbish. But Afroz Shah, unlike most of us who just complain about this, took up the initiative to clean-up the most dirtiest of beaches in Mumbai, the Versova beach. Today (as of July, 2018), thanks to his efforts, Olive Ridley turtles which hadn’t been sighted in the past 20 years have hatched on the beach.

famous personalities of India 4

8. Chetna Gala Sinha

Chetna Gala started the Mann Deshi bank and foundation in 1996. It aims to impart entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to rural women who have been the victims of drought. Besides, it also make loan availing facilities for such women easier and accessible.


famous personalities of India 8


9. Sobhan Mukherjee

Following in the footsteps of  Arunachalam Muruganantham, this 21 year old boy from Kolkata also realized the problems of women during their periods. He started the ‘Project Bandhan’ under which he distributes sanitary napkins to public toilets in Kolkata.


famous personalities of India 5


10. Hasina Kharbhih

She started the NGO Impulse in 1987 with two subheads namely, Impulse NGO Network and Impulse Social Enterprises. The former works against stopping human trafficking and the latter with its Impulse Empower program promotes local artisans and helps create sustainable livelihood.


famous personalities of India 10


12. Harish Hande

Making use of renewable sources of energy is the need of the hour. Unfortunately there are only few who realize this and even fewer who take it upon themselves to implement it. One such person is Harish Hande, who through SELCO is not only promoting but spreading the usage of solar power.


famous personalities of India 11


13. Minal Kavishwar

Her love for animals and her sympathy towards those in depression or in a low stage of life led her to combine the two through Animal Angels Foundation. A psychologist by profession, Minal uses animals as co-therapists in her practice. Three dogs from the foundation namely Pepe, Goldie, and Sunshine have even been hired by AAI to help relieve the stress of travelers on the T2 terminal of Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport.


famous personalities of India 12


14. Aditya Baran Mallik

He started The Institute for Quality Skill Training with an aim to provide equal training and skills opportunity for all strata of society. The institute provides skills and training development programs to youth belonging to low-income homes in Jharkhand.


famous personalities of India 14


15. Akanksha Hazari

Water scarcity is staring us right in the face. The severe drought conditions are worsening with each passing year and yet we are wasting water every minute. But one person has realized the importance of water conservation and thus m.Paani was born. It is a fully integrated marketing platform which brings local retailers and businesses on one level through which consumers can buy and earn points. The points earned can in turn be used monetization of products and services such as safe water, education, energy, and healthcare.


famous personalities of India 15

These famous personalities of India put the ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’ into actual implementation. They are the true heroes with capes!

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