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For Every Stage in My Life, A Friend By My Side

Letters That Matter ~ 8


Friendship Day Special

Dear friend,

This isn’t addressed just to best friends because today isn’t only about them. It’s about all the friends I’ve made since the day I was born, until today. I’m a ‘we don’t need a day to celebrate our relationship’ kind of person. But since we almost never get the time from our busy schedules to feel grateful for the ‘family we have chosen for ourselves’, what better day to pick than this.

The beginning of my friendships have been weird, right from hating a few to now not being able to go even a day without talking to them, and from asking if the seat next to them was available during the first day in college, to now travelling the world with them, my equation with each of them has been a tipsy turvy road full of unexpected turns and bumps.

What is common among them all is that they have all managed to tolerate my idiosyncrasies,seen me make the worst choices, stood by me when I needed them the most, told me off when I was crossing the limits and cheered the loudest when I achieved something. It is for these moments that I’m grateful for having them in my life.

Some of them I’ve known since forever, some since few years and some only a few months. But the quality of time (rather than just quantity of time) I’ve spent with each of them makes me call them ‘friends’

From school friends to college friends, from roommates to flatmates, from friends made through mutual friends, and now to work friends, I’ve been lucky enough to come across people who are true ‘keepers’.


So, this goes just as a way of gratitude to all my friends, whether from school, college, someone I met through common friends, my rented spaces, or from work, for being a part of my life, doesn’t matter if for years, months or just days. And if you’re still a part of my life, it’s more because of you than me. So,here’s me saying…

A sometimes intolerant but mostly fun friend !

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