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#MondayMotivation Through Inspiring Stories of Differently Abled People in India

We hardly ever talk about the disabled people in India or the differently abled people. We focus so much on the achievements of the others that what these people achieve despite their disabilities is often not given the limelight it deserves. Think about a simple injury like a fractured hand or a sprained leg, the kind of pain it leads to and how it affects your day-to-day life. It’s difficult, isn’t it? This and much more pain and discomfort is what such disabled people in India have to live with.

Despite  that, some of them have managed to achieve things that are praiseworthy. Have a look at the inspiring stories, work and achievements of 12 such disabled people in India who taught us never to give up.

1. Arunima Sinha

Climbing the Mount Everest is a difficult and almost unattainable task for anyone. But Arunima didn’t let the lack of one leg stop her from climbing atop the highest mountain peak. Arunima lost her leg when a group of thugs pushed her from a moving train. She grew tired of people’s sympathy and pity. Thus she went on to achieve something nobody thought an amputee could do.


disabled people in India 1


2. Sudha Chandran

She is another inspiring personality among the disabled people in India. Despite having lost a leg she pursued her passion of dancing and even today dances as gracefully as any other professional dancer.


disabled people in India 2


3. Girish Sharma

Despite having lost a leg at the tender age of 2, Girish Sharma took up a career in badminton. Today he has done the country proud by bagging the Gold Medal at the Para Olympics Asia in the game of badminton. His swift moves in the court is truly worth watching.


disabled people in India 3


4. Shekhar Naik

Lack of eyesight can make one give up on life itself. But not Shekhar Naik. He not only didn’t give up, he went on to pursue a career in his favorite sport despite being blind. He even won the World Cup (for blind people) for the country.


disabled people in India 4


5. Harry Boniface Prabhu

He is another one of the disabled people in India who teach us to live life optimistically. Despite becoming quadriplegic at the age of 4 Prabhu went on to train in tennis and is one of the most highly respected wheelchair tennis players in the world today. He even won a medal at the World Championships in 1998 and is the proud recipient of the Padma Shri.


disabled people in India 5


6. Preethi Srinivasan

She is another one of the differently abled people in India who can inspire you to achieve your dreams. Before losing her physical mobility through paralysis after an unfortunate swimming accident. Preethi was the captain of the under-19 Tamil Nadu women’s cricket team. But the physical disability didn’t tether her. She went on to become a huge support and inspiration to others like her (who have survived spinal cord injuries and are struggling with severe physical disabilities) by starting an NGO called Soulfree. 


disabled people in India 7


7. Bharat Kumar

Bharat Kumar is another paralympics champion who has made his country proud. Despite having born with just one hand, Bharat got himself trained in swimming and has won many medals for the country so far.


disabled people in India 7


8. Ravindra Jain

Though not alive today, Ravindra Jain’s name needs to be mentioned in the list of differently-abled people in India who achieved great success. He was born with visual impaired but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his love for music which later he made a successful career out of.


disabled people in India 8


9. H Ramakrishnan

He is one such differently-abled people in India who went on to become a big name in the music industry. He fell victim to polio at a young age because of which both his legs were affected. Despite having faced struggle at almost every point in his life, he made a successful career as a journalist for 40 years and is currently the CEO of SS Music television channel. His music talents have been recognized at various platforms too. He even runs a charitable organization called Krupa which helps out specially-abled.


disabled people in India 9


10. Satendra Singh

Satendra is another one from the disabled people in India who was a victim of polio. Today, he is an acclaimed doctor who is also a prominent disability activist. He founded a medical humanities group called Infinite Ability which helps and supports people with physical disabilities.


disabled people in India 10


11. Sai Prasad Vishwanathan

The desire and spark of adventure in Sai did not die despite being paralyzed from the waist below. He became the first Indian with disability to undertake skydiving, an adventure sport that many fears to undertake.



12. Sadhna Dhand

Sadhna lost her hearing at the age of 12 and suffers from brittle bone disease restricting her height at 3.3 feet. Neither of these things stopped her from per pursuing her passion in painting for which she has even state as well as national level awards.


disabled people in India 12

These differently-abled people surely show us how it can be done and achieved.

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