Analyzing the good guy/bad guy thinking in Wreck-It Ralph through #FridayReview 

First off, let me clarify in the beginning itself that this is an animation movie. So if you’re one of those who thinks that animation movies are for kids, this is not for you. I’m one of those who loves such movies. I believe they teach you a thing or two more than the normal ones. Sometimes they’re more meaningful than the other ones too. But I’m not here to justify animated movies. So if you’re not a fan of such movies,that’s your call.

Wreck-It Ralph is one of those movies (like Inside Out) which made me think and wonder, how and where the creative heads, filmmakers and writers come up with such ideas.

The movie is set in the arcade-style video games world (nostalgia alert!) and the lives of characters in the games beyond the game itself.

Wreck-It Ralph is a movie circling around the game titled ‘Fix-It Felix Jr.’ where Ralph is the wrecker who breaks down things and is hence seen as the bad guy. Felix on the other hand is the one fixes things which Ralph breaks, and is therefore considered the hero. The gigantic and muscular appearance of Ralph adds to his anti-hero image. While the other characters in the game get along well with each other and have their own home too, Ralph lives and sleeps in a dump and is mostly ignored to the point of being unwelcome.

Tired of such treatment, Ralph sets on a quest to prove that he can be a hero too. He leaves his own game in this quest and jumps into two different ones, one after the other.

It is here that he meets Vanellope, a character in a game titled ‘Sugar Rush Speedway’. She too, like Ralph is an unwanted and ignored character in her own game. But unlike him, she’s quite fun to be around and sassy too.

Their friendship develops and grows on the mutual goal of becoming the hero in their games and to revamp their images. They set out to achieve this together, by helping each other . But there’s a ‘someone’ whose goal is to be the hero and ruler of all games, in quite the wrong way.

From then on the movie is all about how the two go on to save the day, not only for their own games, but for all the games in the arcade.

All in all, Wreck-It Ralph is a great family entertainer, dishing out humour but also throwing light on and making us think about our biases which we base on someone’s appearance or the ‘tags/titles’ associated with them.

P. S : My favorite part was when the characters in ‘Fix-It Felix Jr’ realize that the game is a complete failure without Ralph, even though they’d always considered him to be the bad guy, to the point of completely disregarding or ignoring him most of the time.

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