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Sanskrit Quotes That Will Make You Proud Of Belonging To The Land Where The Language Originated

We all look for quotes in the search for our daily motivation and inspiration. There are some Sanskrit quotes out there too which can leave you inspired. In fact, not only inspired, but some Sanskrit quotes will make you feel proud too of belonging to the land where the language originated.

Here is a look the 13 best Sanskrit quotes that will make you fall in love with the language and the Indian culture too. They will help you to get motivated for a better life.


1. Because you’re truly indestructible

This quote means “never broken”. Don’t we all need to remind ourselves every now and then to keep going despite the hardships? This one would be a great booster in such times.

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-01.jpg


2. Action is always louder than words

It is only through our deeds that we can be defined. This quote means “Only action can define us”. Don’t we all agree on that? However it does seem that we’re forgetting to do so. So, this is one of those Sanskrit quotes which reminds us to do what we’re meant to.

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3. We’re all fighters in our own battles

When in difficult situations and during trying times we all feel like we’re fighting battles hence this one which means ‘I’m a fighter’ would be a great motivator and one of the best Sanskrit quotes.

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4. Bad or good times, all pass

The one thing we humans don’t have control over is the passage of time. What we need to remember therefore is that, the good and bad times all pass. That what is described in one of the best Sanskrit quotes below which means “This too, shall pass.”

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5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

We all know that we’re here only for a limited time and probably won’t get another chance at life. One of the Sanskrit quotes too reminds us that meaning “one life, one chance”

1532000003764_SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-05

6. Willpower = strength

It is true that real power only comes from within. It is only through our willpower that we can get through tough times no matter how hard they are. One of the Sanskrit quotes given below means “Strength comes from an indomitable will.” It reminds us about the power of will.

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-06.jpg

7. Companion and compassion

Kindness and compassion are becoming forgotten virtues in today’s world. We live in times where materialism is taking over our lives and we prefer ‘virtual companions’ over real ones. This Sanskrit quotes reminds us to be a companion and be compassionate through its meaning “In travel, a companion, in life, compassion.”

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-07.jpg

8. Strength alone gets us through bad times

Life consists of good and bad times for everyone. But in adverse times we must remember one of the best Sanskrit quotes which tells us that “strength through adversity” meaning our strength is only through adversity and how we survive it.

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-08

9. A graceful life is a peaceful life

In the race for recognition and attention, we forget just how beautiful and necessary ‘grace’ is. One of the Sanskrit quotes which is given below that reminds us that through its meaning of “Strength is having a graceful life.”

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-09.jpg


10. Hope keeps everything alive

This is one of those Sanskrit quotes which though simple is quite true and inspiration. With its meaning of “While I live, I hope” it reminds us of the power and necessity of hope in our lives.


SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-10.jpg

12. Be the change you want to see in the world

This Sanskrit quote simply means “Be the change”. Aren’t we all always complaining about the state of things around us? Well, maybe it’s time we took things in our hand and bring about the change we want to see.

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-12.jpg

13. Ruler of own destiny

We tend to forget that we’re the ones responsible for our actions and it is these actions which pave our destinies. One of the Sanskrit quotes meaning “I control my destiny” reminds us to take things on our hands.

SANSKRIT QUOTES 19 july 18-13.jpg

Why focus on languages like English or French for inspirational words when such gems exist right on our doorsteps?

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(Graphics by : Dilip Singh)

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