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The Best Way To Enjoy Mumbai Rains Through Chai-Pakora At Chaayos #FridayReview

Tea which tingles the tongue and food that tackles the stomach hunger is served on a platter at Chaayos. For tea lovers, it is nothing less than a haven and heaven. The ambiance would agree with tea lovers too!


With little anecdotes and trivia about tea, one’s eyes are feasted too! We especially loved the ‘Chai Mudra’ poster which showed different hand and finger positions when holding a tea cup.


Since monsoon and rains calls for a cup of boiling tea; a plate full of pakoras to go along with this tea would just be the cherry on top! This is exactly what Chaayos offers in its monsoon special. It was pure delight to the soul, stomach (and the eyes too).




After catching an early morning movie show we were looking for something light so we chose Chaayos. The wide choice of teas was confusing for us first timers but the staff helped us pick. So we started off with Aam Papad Chai and God’s Chai to go along with Kulhad Matar Kulcha. Both the Chais were without milk and even so, surprisingly exotic in their taste.


The kulchas were extremely soft and melted in the mouth. Though we sought to keep it light we were intrigued by the tea varieties and wanted to try more.


We asked the staff about more recommendations and they suggested ‘Cold tea’ as that was something of a USP on their menu. So were ordered that along with a plate of pakoras to end the meal. And because one drink wouldn’t have been enough we even ordered a chocolate milkshake to try out something other than tea!



None of the ordered items disappointed us. However what seemed to lack was more options in the monsoon specials. The pakoras were delightful but these were also served in paneer and chilly stuffings. The standard tomato, potato and onion stuffing pakoras would have made it more authentic though.  IMG_20170805_135407

The elaichi ‘Cold tea’ was indeed something different. Usually such ‘experiments with chai’ are something most of us think twice before delving into. However Chaayos ‘Experiments with Chai’ are worth a try!


P.S: Don’t miss the ‘Chai Map’ with chai quotes from different states. We spent an entire 5 minutes pondering and laughing over it!



P.P.S: If you’re an Aam Papad fan, the Aap Papad chai is a must try.

(review published on Zomato for ChicLifeByte)

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