Best Netflix Originals For Those Still New To The Platform

Netlfix as a source of entertainment may be a world leader, but it is still catching up in the Indian subcontinent. Some of the best movies are available on Netflix, including some great ones from the Indian film industry as well. Because most Indian citizens are still unaware or do not have access to this platform yet, these best movies on Netflix are still unexplored.

Some of these are Netflix original movies, which means you can only watch them on Netflix and nowhere else as they were released on the platform directly. They will captivate you due to their original content, superb acting, and great stories. For cinephiles, these best movies on Netflix are a must watch.


1. Love Per Square Foot

We all know how difficult it is to buy a house in Mumbai. That doesn’t mean we don’t dream, aim or desperately try to buy one for ourselves. This is the very essence that has been beautifully captured and narrated in Love Per Square Foot alongside a love story which will be relatable for all metro residents.


best netflix movies 1


2. Lust Stories

When four of the best filmmakers in the country get together to create a movie, the result has to be good, right? Lust Stories tells us how it’s not always about love and how as an Indian society we fail to accept the other part of a relationship which is physical satisfaction. Much hoopla has already been made about the masturbation scene from the movie, but that’s just one of the ways in which women’s sexual desires and their need for physical satisfaction have been addressed in the movie.


best netflix movies 2


3. Okja

When a rare and huge animal gets separated from its caretaker, we see a heart wrenching tale of reality on how animals are treated for our entertainment and for commercial purposes.


best netflix movies 3


4. Icarus

This documentary tells us about doping in sports in an honest and hard-hitting way. This story is a geopolitical thriller that will keep you captivated till the end.


best netflix movies 4


5. The Ivory Game

Another documentary which talks about the ivory trade for which a number of African elephants are slaughtered every year. This one is a must watch for animal lovers and protectors.


best movies on netflix 5


6. The Fundamentals of Caring

Lovers of Antman now have a reason to rejoice as here’s another great performance and role by Paul Rudd. This will particularly touch road travelers and road trips lovers.


best movies on netflix 6


7. Benji

Dog lovers pay attention! This one is for you all. When a street dog is adopted by two siblings, who have lost their father, their mother isn’t very thrilled. But it’s the dog who plays an important role in getting the family’s broken lives back together. Benji is adorable and lovable.


best movies on netflix 7


8. Tramps

RomCom fans, here is a good one for you all. Two aspiring criminals are on the run and fall for each other over a heist, a stolen briefcase, and a case of mistaken identity.


best movies on netflix 8


9. Divines

Those who like crime movies are in for a treat with this one. Do remember that this one is a French movie, so subtitles will come in handy.


best movies on netflix 9


10. Gerald’s Game

There are such few horror/thriller movies which are actually good. This one is definitely the one of best movies on Netflix. You will be enticed by the plot and acting.


best movies on netflix 10


11. Beasts of No Nation

This one is placed in the midst of raging civil war where a young orphan undergoes training to join the African guerrilla soldiers. Hard-hitting and gruesome at many points, the film is a must watch for war movie lovers.


best movies on netflix 9


12. First They Killed My Father

As a director, Angelina Jolie has proved her finesse in this thriller circling the life journey of a Cambodian girl in the midst of terror and genocide under the power of Khmer Rouge.



13. Justin Timberlake and The Tennessee Kids

A musical documentary based on final performance of Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kid (band name) beautifully captures the best moments from the singer/musician’s world tour.


best movies on netflix 12


14. Virunga

This is another documentary which is one of the best movies on Netflix currently. It covers the lives and stories of park rangers risking their lives to save the lives of African guerrillas in the world’s oldest national park.


best movies on netflix


15. I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore

When a woman sets out to find who burgled her house, she finds herself fighting some of the most dangerous criminals.


best movies in netflix 15


So update your movie list today for some quality time on Netflix.

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