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What I Should Have Told My Teenage Self

Letters That Matter ~ 5

A letter to my younger self

Dear (past) me,

Life may seem unfair to you at this time. You might be feeling a lot of pressure, right from the way you look to the way you score in your exams. At this point, you may think that grades are what will get you success in life and that’s understandable, given the way the society has conditioned your mind. But hey, it’s alright to get a ‘B’, ‘C’ or even an ‘F’ because an ‘F’ on an academic paper does not make you a failure in life.

Inferiority complex in adolescence comes with everything, the girl who looks better than you or the guy who never looks at you and may even come with a sibling or a cousin who shines more than you, be it academically or otherwise. You’re too young to understand or appreciate individuality but remember that you’re good the way you are, and you’ll only become a better version of yourself in the coming years. This does not however mean you can take things easily, because becoming better only comes with effort and hardwork.

Hold on to the friends you make and the friendships you develop during this time, some of these are gonna get you through tough times in the future.

Your parents will sometimes seem like your worst enemies not letting you go your way or do what you want to, but you’ll understand later that it was for your own good.

You’ll experience your many firsts, including the first crush, the first heartbreak or even the first kiss. But if you don’t experience them and everyone around you does, don’t let it bother you, it is not always necessary for your timelines to match with the others around you. You’ll experience things when they’re meant to happen in your life,not before or because someone (including yourself) wants you to.

Most of all, remember to be yourself, find out things that make you happy and you’re good at, surround yourself with people who matter and, do good, to yourself and to others.
Your future (and wiser) self

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