Unconventional Pathos Of Romance in October Through #FridayReview

So I (we) (not using we because the husband wasn’t very inclined on watching this one anyway) missed out on catching this in the theater and I was really keen on watching it.

I don’t understand how such movies are taken down from the screens within 3-4 weeks while movies like Race 3 run for months. Anyway, my interest was majorly because of Shoojit Sircar and nothing else.

If your movie choice is loud drama, slapstick humour, irrelevant music/songs and all of that, this isn’t for you. It is as subtle as it can be in its narrative and sometimes leaves it up to the audience to figure out certain things, like the passage of time. October shows us the other side of the hospitality industry which most of us only witness as patrons. Dan (Varun Dhawan) doesn’t like his job and is a usually grumpy person, with problems about anything and everything. But we’ll still like him and sympathize with him. Why? Because

a. We’ve all been there at some point in our lives,hating our jobs and complaining about the unfairness of it all.
b. Varun Dhawan is just that good!

There is absolutely no “I love you’s” or even romancing around between Dan and Shiuli. Coming to the character of Shiuli, she is the complete opposite of Dan, being great at her job and loved by almost everyone who knows her. How does romance shape up between these two then? Accidentally, in the literal sense!

Varun takes it upon himself as being responsible for the accident and the resulting vegetative state of Shiuli. Why? Because before falling off the roof, her last words were, “Where is Dan?”

Everyone else who was friends with Shiuli before the accident, move on with their lives after they realize that Shiuli is as good as dead and the chances of her getting better or normal are almost zero. But Varun sticks by and that’s where the romance begins. Unconventional right? But nonetheless beautiful. Dan’s inputs during the family discussions about pulling the plug are truly insightful and will make us think hard about our decisions (if ever we have been or come under the same situation) too.

When Varun leaves for a bit, following his termination from the job, and after Shiuli’s mother asks him to focus on his career and life, Shiuli is affected. But we’re to understand this by her actions and not words.

Her battle to survive and the joys over even the little progress she makes is what touched my heart the most. If you’re wondering why the movie is named ‘October’ the reason lies in the name of the female lead ‘Shiuli’. This too has been told in the most cinematically beautiful way.

It’s movies like these that add a little more meaning to ‘Meaningful Cinema’. I would definitely recommend it for those who appreciate the storytelling and the nuances of such cinema.

Watching Varun Dhawan in this movie made me realize his potential as both a commercial as well as an offbeat actor, both of which he does quite commendably and convincingly.

‘October’ for me is right up there with romantic classics like ‘Silsila’.

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