Fact or Fiction~ Looking At One Man’s Life Journey in Sanju Through #FridayReview

The movie is already a raging success and if the figures are any mark (which in our country definitely and sadly are) it’s already a good, no sorry, a great movie.

Sanju is no doubt a good movie. If it were based on a fictional story, I would have no qualms in saying it is an excellent movie, in fact.

But this is a biopic and not fiction which is why I’m disappointed. It’s the story of somebody who lead a life like Sanjay Dutt and not his. I understand it is not possible to put all events of his life in a 3 hour movie, but for someone who wanted answers to what was till now undisclosed, I didn’t get much. The case against Sanjay Dutt seems to be more to prove him innocent rather than to give us the truth and facts. They might as well have used the tagline of another movie with the same claims saying, “My name is Sanju and I’m not a terrorist.”

Raju Hirani is a director who understands the public and knows the right points to connect emotionally to the audience. Which is what he drew on in his previous movies, all of which I have loved, including PK which was called out for being anti-hindu. And this time too, he managed to do so quite brilliantly.

The father – son relationship has been portrayed in a way which will be relatable to all and sundry. I especially liked the parts where Paresh Rawal uses songs to encourage and teach life lessons to Ranbir. The friendship between Ranbir and Vicky is portrayed outstandingly too. All the actors (expect Sonam Kapoor) have done an outstanding job but Paresh Rawal for me was the best and at many points it felt like they should’ve made the biopic on the father rather than on the son.

All in all, the movie is a roller coaster ride of emotions, dishing out laughter and tears and sometimes both laughter and tears in the same scene,which is a mark of great storytelling.

But, does the movie answer questions about Dutt’s involment in the Arms case? Yes, but not completely or even honestly for that matter. Is the movie worth watching? As a fictional story, yes. But as a biopic, no.

P. S: I loved the songs. ‘Fateh’ was already on my favorites list and now the new favorite is ‘Baba Bolta Hai’.

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