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Monsoon Special~Tiny Tales and Poems That Will Melt Your Hearts

The rains tend to make a romantic out of us all. It makes us think of times gone by, and of times that could have been and may be coming. As Roger Miller rightly puts it,

“Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet.”

An interesting fact by the way, there is a term for those, like me, who love the rains.

Reaching out to such (and hoping to touch and convert the non-lovers of rains too), here are some monsoon tales and poems that will melt your hearts. Grab a cup of coffee or hot-chocolate and enjoy!

1. The Tale Of An Umbrella

umbrella tst.png

2. One Rainy Night

Rains ttl

3. Rains+Teacups=Best Combo

rain tale 1.png

4. If Rains Had a Color

rain tale 2

5. Because Smell Of Wet Soil = Love

rain tale 3.png

Here’s hoping the rains help you create your own such beautiful tales.

Happy Monsoons!


If you liked these, you might like a collection of such tiny tales and poems in my books A Rustic Mind and The Untold Stories

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