Sairat or Dhadak ~ Drawing Conclusions and Comparisons Through #FridayReview

This happened in the aftermath of the release of ‘Dhadak’ trailer. My husband kept telling me that I should and must watch Sairat, because he knows my love for good cinema.
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I watched the ‘oh! so beautiful’ trailer of Dhadak and found it intriguing if nothing else. As if on cue to mock my ignorance on the original source, the husband said, “Oh! So you think this is good?”, and hence the original had to be watched!
source: bentbookworm
It had been a long time pending one but I kept pushing it because:
A. My Marathi is not over the top (I barely manage to understand it)
B. I didn’t know where to source a good print from (which translates to I’m just lazy)
Since we now have access to Netflix and Prime Video (Amazon) I was pretty sure it would be available on at least one of them (and with subtitles, thank you very much) (oh, and yes we haven’t paid for any of the subscriptions, we’re free riding on our elder siblings subscriptions. Yes, we’re one of those who inspired the memes).
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So, lo and behold, there it was sitting pretty on Netflix and our movie date night was set (you know Netflix and chill and all that)
source: DTH Forum India
The movie is predictable (in most parts) and yet it manages to give that ‘feel good’ vibe, mostly because of the innocence and freshness (and also relatable, simple humour) it gives out in every shot. You’ll be reminded of that teenage crush and the wonderful friendships which were so part of your growing up years. The first half of the movie is fun, the second half holds up a mirror!
Though the latter part doesn’t have humour (and could even be boring at times) it manages to keep your interest and curiosity peeked. Particularly insightful is the girl’s struggle to adjust within the lower strata of the society.
My favorite scene was the ending one *spoilers ahead* where we’re shown the surroundings through the baby’s vision and without any dialogues. The baby’s blood stained footsteps are (at least that’s what my takeaway from the scene was) a mark of his own future which now lies in question.
sairat last scene.png
source: netflix
That for me, is directorial and cinematographical genius.
I must say ‘Dhadak’ and resultantly even Ishaan amd Jhanvi, have quite some shoes to fill in. So far the glimpses of the movie, including the title track look visually appealing.
I hope there’s more than just glamour, good cinematography, melodious tunes and beautiful faces in the final version.
And more than that, I definitely hope Jhanvi and Ishaan don’t make the already quite controversial and overtly discussed topic of ‘nepotism’ more rampant.
source: dnaindia

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