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Haunted Locations in Mumbai The Daredevils Must Visit and the Faint-Hearted Must Avoid

Mumbai is endearingly called ‘The City That Never Sleeps”. The reason behind it is that at any given hour, the city does not cease to be active. That is indeed true because be it 12 am in the night or 12 pm in the afternoon, one is likely to find it thriving with activities.

However, let’s look at a few stories which might make us rethink as to why the city is called so. Could it also be because there is more than just human activities happening in this economic hub? Here are a few locations where the dead are said to roam at night and the tales surrounding them will surely give you the creeps:

1. D’Souza Chawl

Following the death of a woman, who accidentally fell inside a well within the chawl premises, a number of eyewitnesses account of her spirit roaming around. Irrespective of whether this is true or not, people prefer to stay away from this chawl after sunset.

2. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

A haven for nature-lovers, adventurer seekers and photographers, this park is a major attraction during the daytime. Come nightfall though, even the guards stay away from the extreme interiors of the park. They share scary encounters of having met a lady ghost who tries to stop people from driving around the park and when opting not to stop, she is said to chase the cars around with a lightning speed.

3. Pawan Hans Quarters

In 1989, a girl named Salma set herself aflame and died beneath a banyan tree. People who have visited the area after dark claim to have come across a girl covered in flames, who runs screaming down the road and disappears into the said tree. No wonder the vicinity is of Pawan Hans Quarters is off limits after sunset!

4. Grand Paradi Towers

Five people from the same family jumped off from the 8th floor of one of the buildings in these residential towers. Ever since then this floor is said to lure people to death and the spirits of these 5 are reportedly still haunting the place which is now sealed off.


5. Tower of Silence

This place is used by the Parsi community as a graveyard to dispose off the bodies of their dead in the open terrace, where vultures and scavengers then feast on it. If that in itself isn’t creepy, reports of people feeling an “eerie presence” or some paranormal activity when passing by from the vicinity add this place to the ‘most haunted places in Mumbai’ list.

6. Mukesh Mills

The Mukesh Mills, located in Colaba area of Mumbai, went out of business following a fire breakout in 1982. The huge structure took on a spooky look and an eerie air after the mass fire. Tales of people hearing whispered noises and screams have been surrounding it ever since and it has since been labeled as one of the city’s most haunted places.

7. Santa Cruz West

A woman apparently committed suicide, following a tiff with her husband, in one of the residential buildings in this area. Residents of the building claim to hear howls of a dog after sunset, and believe it to be the result of the lady’s spirit roaming the corridors of that floor.  The residents are said to be so scared of said ghost that they have named it, “second floor ki bhabiji”

8. Ram Sakit Building

Located behind Paradise Cinema in Mahim, Ram Sakit has one of the scariest tales. A woman in her 50s slipped and fell to death in the well inside this building. Her spirit is said to come out of the well on every amavas (new moon night). Though the activities of the spirit have not yet been associated with any harmful activities, people prefer to stay away from the area on said nights.

9. Marve and Madh Island Road

A bride was brutally murdered on her wedding night, on the stretch between Marve and Madh Island a few decades ago. It is said that her spirit haunts and follows vehicle riders on this road after sunset. Although claimed to be the most scenic stretch to drive on, people avoid taking it because of these haunted stories.

10. Nasserwanj Wadi

The owner of this wadi, Mr. Nasserwanj was burnt alive in his own cabin. His spirit is rumoured to roam around the wadi post-sunset even today. These rumours got spookier when seven mysteriously people died within the property following the death of Mr. Nasserwanj.


11. St. John’s Baptist Church

This 500-year-old church (built in 1579) underwent exorcism in 1977 following tales of the spirit of a young bride disturbing people in the vicinity. Documented reports of the exorcism say that people present there had heard screams, laughter and wailing when the priest was implementing the exorcism and the process ended with the sound of a loud splash in the pond of the church, which killed all the fish. That’s some story to make people wary of visiting the place even today!


Visiting these places might make the ‘City of Dreams’ the ‘City of Nightmares’ for the faint-hearted!

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