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Must Visit Places In India To Satiate Your Wanderlust

When it to comes to satiating one’s wanderlust, India is definitely one of those places that people world over are attracted to and want to cover. There are many Indian locations that are shrouded in mystery and attract people of all ages and groups. Of the many secrets that this exotic land holds, here are some that have an added ‘weirdness’ and ‘strangeness’ tag attached to them.

For those who want to explore and visit places with a mysterious story, these are a must visit. Indians and foreigners alike should not miss visiting these places when on an all India tour.

1. Levitating Stone, Shivapur, Maharashtra

Otherwise known as the Hazrat Qamar Ali Darvesh (located in Pune), this shrine is believed to be the place where  a Sufi saint called Qamar Ali was taunted by some wrestlers (the place is believed to have been a gymnasium back then). As a revenge the saint cast a spell on the one of the rocks which were used for body-building. Even today, the stone is said to levitate for hours in the air when at a time 11 people lift it up with their fingers while shouting the name of the Sufi saint.


2. Lake of Skeletons – Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttrakhand

Located amidst the snow clad region of the Himalayan range, the weird thing about this almost inhabitable place is that about 600 odd human skeletons were discovered in the lake (Roopkund) here some years back. Even creepier is the fact that these skeletons date back to the 9th CE and are visible at the bottom of the lake when the snow melts.

3. Temple of Rats – Karni Mata Temple, Deshnok, Rajasthan

In The Karni Mata temple, located in the town of Deshnok in Rajasthan, people actually pray to over 20,000 rats. The logic behind this is that these rats are believed to be the descendants (or reincarnated family members) of Karni Mata. The belief is so strong that when a rat is killed, it is replaced by a rat statue made of gold.


4. Mass Bird Suicide at Jatinga, Assam

Every monsoon, in around October and September, hundreds of migratory birds fly towards tall buildings and crash themselves to death in the quaint town of Jatinga in Assam. As yet, this occurrence remains an unsolved mystery.

5. Magnetic Hill, Ladakh

An eerie as well as thrilling and one-of-a-kind experience awaits all those visiting the Leh-Ladakh region. At an altitude of 11,000 ft above sea level, at the Magnetic Hill in Ladakh, your  car (or any vehicle) will get pulled towards the hill even when the ignition is off.

6. Floating Islands of Loktak, Manipur

Known as the only floating lake in the world, the Loktak Lake in Manipur is quite a beautiful attraction. The weirdness around this lake is that thousands of masses of vegetation, which are perfectly round in shape, float on its surface. These vegetation are called Phumdis and are a cluster of vegetation, soil and other organic substances. Some of these floating islands are so huge in size that they have been converted into scenic resorts! And one of them also houses the first of its kind floating elementary school.

7. Shani Shingnapur, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

The Shani Shingnapur village which is famous for its Shani temple has another factor which adds to its popularity. The village has never had a robbery take place within its boundaries and the residents believe this to be a blessing of Lord Shani Dev. Their faith is so high that none of residences have a door, and the commercial establishments too do not have any locking facility. Even the UCO Bank branch opened here is a first-of-its-kind bank (branch) in India to be ‘lock-less’.


8. Neelakurinji Bloom, Munnar, Kerala

Once in every 12 years, God’s Own Country, Kerala witnesses a pink bloom. The flower ‘Neelakurinji’,  blossoms only after a period of 12 years, on the fabled hills of Munnar. This usually starts from August and lasts until October. The last time this happened in 2006. So 2018 is right time to witness this miracle again if it is on the list!


9. Lonar Crater Lake, Maharashtra

This popular trekking destination, located 150kms from Aurangabad was apparently formed 50,000 years ago when an asteroid hit the region. Known as the Deccan Plateau, this lake measures 1.8 km in diameter and is 150 meters in depth.


Time to update the ‘things to do in India’ list!

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