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Times When Abstaining From Sex Would Be A Wise Call

In this modern age, it is not too uncommon for many young people to abstain from sex, for various reasons. The term sexual abstinence is defined as a situation where a couple don’t have sex for some time, voluntarily or involuntarily. Those who are against it could give reasons such as not having sex will lead to problems at both physical and mental levels.

But those practising it could point out religious beliefs or be medically necessary. Here is a list of top 10 things when abstaining from sex would indeed be a very wise call:


1. When either of you has any infection

Be it just regular cough and cold, or something major like a flu or viral infection, it is better not to engage in any kind of physical intimacy when either of you has any kind of infections. It can easily get transmitted from one to the other.

2. When there is any kind of (body) ache

Headache, stomachache or muscle and joint pain, whatever it is, will only get worse by indulging in sex. After all, it is quite a lot of physical strain and activity!


3. When the partner is an unknown person

This is a wise call on different levels. Apart from the fact that he/she could be a cheat, who knows what kind of germs and infections he/she might be carrying.



4. When there is no protection

This one is pretty simple. No protection equals no sex is a good decision for all, especially if you are:

a)not married to that person

b)not planning to get pregnant



5. When there is a possibility that one of you might get hurt

Getting hurt during intercourse, even if there is a slight possibility of it, is a very good reason to stop yourselves from going ahead and doing it!




6. When either of you is in the ‘no mood for sex’ mode

The dialogue from Pink “No, means no!” needs to be put into serious practice!



Just those times when “Prevention is better than cure” can be put to apt use.


(as published on TopYaps)

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