The Arrogance and Ill-Mannered Behavior of These Celebs Will Make You Think Twice Before You Idolize Bollywood Celebs Again

Being humble is a trait often underrated. People lose this, more often than not, when they achieve tremendous success and reach the top of their professions. This especially holds true for movie stars, TV celebs and all kind of page 3 celebrities. Most of them think they are above the common crowd. Their arrogance has been proved more than once through their encounters with fans and by the way they treat the crew of their projects.

Here is a list of top 9 such celebrities from B-town:

1. Sajid Khan

His famous brawl with Ashutosh Gowariker at Filmfare Awards some years back showed us all his arrogant and rude side. His interviews and his judging stints on several reality shows, too reveal how highly he thinks of himself.

2. Rishi Kapoor

His tweets and some of his responses to the Twitterati have shown us how rude and arrogant Mr. Chintu Kapoor actually is.

3. Ram Gopal Varma

Just like Rishi Kapoor, RGV is another one whose snobbish side has been revealed to the world thanks to Twitter.

4. Katrina Kaif

Several users on Quora have narrated their personal experiences of meeting Ms. Kaif and it turns out to be quite soar. From misbehaving with crew and fans alike, Katrina is also known for throwing celebrity tantrums at er co-stars.

5. Shirish Kunder

Even before he was slapped by SRK and punched by Sanjay Dutt, Farah Khan’s husband was quite unpopular in the Bollywood circuit for his arrogant nature.

6. Parineeti Chopra

Ms. Chopra is also known for being rude to her fans and crew and after her recent weight loss this seems have increased. There was also the incident about her school-time classmate claiming that she was lying through her teeth about being poor.

7. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Her arrogance and rude behaviour is known amongst her colleagues as well as fans alike.

8. Anushka Sharma

One Quora user narrates an incident where thanks to Anushka’s unrealistic demands and a fashion brand’s failure to meet these demands, an employee lost her job and two others had their pays cut-off. Surely not an ideal behavior that!


9. Govinda

We all know about the infamous case on Govinda by Santosh Rai who the actor slapped on the sets of Money Hai Toh Honey Hai in 2008.


Movies and Bollywood celebs are revered in our nation. However, these celebs are not the characters we hold close to our hearts and love so much and they have proved just that through their behaviors.

(as published on TopYaps)

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