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Lost Love, Not Last Love



Dear Ex-Boyfriend of my Forever Friend,

Firstly, you never were, are not and will never be dear. We only put up with you because you were attached to her.

I never believed, in ‘LOVE IS BLIND’ but thanks to you, I know how and why it must have come to that. I, and, anyone who knows my BFF, could never fathom how she fell for someone like you. You, who is everything she is NOT!

She’s sweet, smart, witty, intelligent, talented, beautiful beyond words, and truly a ‘complete package’. There are only few people I know who are as multi-talented as she is.

She deserved someone better. In fact, if there is someone I know who deserves only the best, it is her. In fact, you are and were so undeserving of her, that she would be better off spending her life without any kind of life partner, than being with you.

As for the love that comes with a lover, she gets ample and definitely more than you ever gave her, from us. Yes, US! Us meaning all those who would actually live and die for her, with her, as against your fake promises of doing so over the years.

For a very long time, I held back on saying anything against you or the relationship she had with you. Only because, she was anyway hearing it from the rest of the world. Only because, I thought, “Hey! As long as my best friend is happy with him, I don’t care what kind of a person he is.”

But you were undeserving of that, right from the beginning. I should have said something, done anything, to stop her from ruining the most precious years of her life, with you, for you.

I have seen her love beyond boundaries, go beyond her limits, do things beyond imagination and suffer beyond emotions because of you, to be with you and to keep you happy.

You in turn, have broken her heart multiple times with things I cannot even fathom someone in a serious relationship would do. Your words and more so your actions, have given her more pain than happiness during the entire duration of this so called relationship.

You have no clue how it felt to see her break, her spirit shattered as she, who has always been my go-to person for any kind of advice, suggestion and my shoulder to cry on, would be lost, having no clue as to what to do, questioning her choices and blaming her perfect self for the wrong deeds you did. Where were you when she cried because of you, for you? It was me, her other friends and her family who stood by her and took care of her when it was most needed. But mostly it was the friends, because (let’s admit it) we can’t share all our relationship details with family. She has had to lie for you to her family on so many occasions, sometimes to keep you happy and sometimes to keep them happy. Somewhere in all this, she lost her own happiness and identity over the years.

For a long time my own beliefs in a relationship were misunderstood and I told myself, “If this is what a relationship is like, I might as well be single”. But now finally that she’s free of you, after years of putting up with your (for lack of a better word) shit and beating all odds to be with you, I beg of you, plead with you and even go to the extent of warning you to STAY AWAY! She deserves to be ‘selfish’ and focus on herself. She deserves ‘happiness’, the kind which she can draw from herself and not through people like you.

Even if you feel like ‘checking if she’s okay’ or ‘what is she up to’ just don’t. Because frankly, SHE’S FINE!

And honestly, much happier than she was ever with you.

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