Chick Flick or Not, Veerey Di Wedding is Definitely #notaGOODflick

One of the movies I was looking forward to this year was Veerey di Wedding. I don’t know why I expected it be to be a good (or at least different) movie. Maybe I thought Bollywood finally has a fun-film circling around female friendships rather than just male ones (Dil Chahta Hai, Rock on, Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara, the list is endless). But the excitement burst the moment I saw the trailer (it almost looked like a cheaper Bollywood version of Sex and The City). I pretty much expected that it wouldn’t be as good as I had (initially) expected, but I gave it a try anyway.

And, boy was it a mistake!

The whole movie looks patched up with scenes which are badly edited and added for the sake of making up a story (even most of the dialogues are added just to provide a backstory or answers to questions hovering in audience’s minds)

They have been promoting the film on the ‘women empowerment’ and ‘feminism’ front.  But none of the women, barring Sonam Kapoor’s character, are shown working (professionally I mean) or even talked about having a career.

The character that irked me the most was Swara Bhaskar’s .As Aunty’s review aptly pointed out, she does not know how to carry off a rich (in terms of money) character. Also, her dressing in the movie (she wore the most revealing clothes out of the 4 female leads) looked like a desperate cry for attention more than anything else.

While much hoopla has already been made around the masturbation scene, I personally did not find it that problematic.  Women have sexual urges too, and it’s about time we accept and acknowledge it. However, what I do fail to understand is, isn’t this the very epitome of feeling reduced to a vagina?



So, basically we are teaching our girls all the vices that we tell our sons not to engage in (smoking, drinking, taking drugs). While I’m all for profanity, I really doubt the good intentions (if any) behind encouraging the next generation to engage in the other stuff. Also, was the point of Swara’s divorce the masturbation, the lack of a career or something else? Because post the separation all she was shown doing was wearing skimpy clothes and parading around with friends, smoking, drinking, travelling or partying (or all of that together).

So my takeaway (and understanding) was that it’s okay to get divorced for having sexual desires and for making a career, but you don’t necessarily have to do so after your divorce! Because, a) you have a rich father and b) you have friends.

Sonam (yet again) fails to impress with her acting. After Neerja, I really thought, Mrs. Sonam K Ahuja has finally learnt the craft (after years of being in the industry) but sadly with VDW she is back to her forced efforts and obvious lack of acting abilities!

The only respite in the entire movie comes in the form of Sumeet Vyas (Mikesh!!!) and Shika Talsania (who by the way is Tiku Talsania’s daughter. So we know where she gets her on-point acting and comedy genes). Kareena’s uncle (played by Vivek Mushran) and the uncle’s boyfriend (played by Sukesh Arora) are also good in their small(er) parts (at least better than the rest). These characters only made me wish they had more screen space! At least then the movie might have been a little more tolerable.

I’m reminded of yet another movie Kareena did ages back. Remember how we all loved Abhishek Bachchan in Mein Prem Ki Deewani Hoon? Yeah, this is pretty much the same!

The kind of money that has been put into promoting the film (anywhere, everywhere and in whatever way possible) is just eye-rolling worthy. Even efforts and time put in need to be applauded (I’m being sarcastic here!).

They postponed the making of the film following Kareena’s pregnancy news. Sonam and Kareena even came to Koffee with Karan just to promote the movie even before the movie was shot!

Sonam Kapoor’s wedding too, now seems to have been strategically planned and placed as a promotional ploy for the movie itself! (Remember Tanmay Bhatt’s tweet?)



Despite all that time, effort and money, the movie fails to be a good one!

It reminds me of an interview Sonam did with Rajkumar Rao some years back. They were promoting their then upcoming film, Dolly ki Doli. While signing off Sonam reminded everyone to go catch their movie and said they should promote the movie so that they (the movie cast and crew) don’t have to beg for good reviews. Rajkumar being his usual candid-self had said “Instead of that we could make a good film”. How true! But yet again, the same has been done!


For all its loud and repeated claims of #iamnotaCHICKflick, Veerey Di Wedding is most definitely one, and a bad one at that.



The only movie that can use this tag aptly, despite having an all-female lead (and not even one scene where any of them were shown to be smoking, drinking or even partying) is Chak De India.

And that for me was women empowerment portrayed at its best.

My concluding question is, why does feminism always involve (at least in Bollywood movies) wearing skimpy clothes, drinking, smoking, abusing (verbally) and partying (or even masturbating in this case)?

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