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Weird India ~ Things Foreigners Find Strange in Our Land But Are An Accepted Way Of Life For Us

Each country has its own way of life and there are certain traditions which they follow without giving it a thought. While these things may be an everyday routine for millions, it might come as a shock to someone new or someone who is visiting the place for the first time. As India is a culturally rich country, such things are found here aplenty.

Owing to the fact that it is also a vast country, there is something new (or weird) on every nook and corner. Here is a list of top 11 things which (as per the foreigners themselves) are quite frankly, weird:


1. Ear Cleaner

The sight of one man cleaning up another man’s ear (as a means of livelihood) may not be so unusual for us, but for someone who sees it for the first time (most likely someone visiting India for the first time), it be may be shocking and weird to some level.

2. Roadside Dentist

Who says you need a good degree from a good college or university to become a qualified dentist? This one seems to be doing fine without one and that too despite the lack of a dental clinic.

3. Parking

We Indians park wherever we wish, and the ‘No parking’ signage is mocked at almost every part of the country. This is an accepted way of life for us, but for non-Indians and tourists, this is quite weird.

4. Commuting

While travelling in a crowded bus or train without space to move (or even breathe sometimes) is an accepted way of daily commute for the residents of India. But someone who witnesses this for the first time would definitely be shell-shocked.


5. Aghoris

The ‘Men-eating’ Aaghoris are scary and weird (though fascinating for most too) to many foreigners.

6. Enterprise Names

Though most Indian enterprises (at least since past few years) are named keeping international audience in mind names like Bewakoof, Pagalguy, etc. would sound hilarious as well as weird to people outside India.

7. Respecting the Dead

We take our dead seriously, sometimes a bit too much!

8. Preservation of Monuments

Instead of protecting and preserving our monuments, we pay them ‘our’ kind of respect by inscribing them with our names and sometimes going a level up by considering the monuments as our spittoons.

9. Religious Processions

Rallies and processions are an everyday occurrence in our nation. But someone who visits India for the first time may not find it so ‘normal’.

10. Entangled Wires

The cables and electricity wires in India are rarely seen in an organized and untangled way. For newbies, this might come as a shocking view.

These are times when the phrase ‘It happens only in India’ comes to apt use.


(as published on TopYaps)

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