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Happy Mother’s Day

Letters That Matter ~ 2+3 (Mother’s Day Special)




Dear Mom,

Seeing me grow up must have been a pleasure for you. But bringing me up would definitely not have been a cakewalk. I wasn’t an easy kid, heck, I’m not easy even today. But you managed to instill good values like patience, hard work, doing what you love, respecting others and many more, nonetheless. That’s something I marvel and respect about you the most. I’m a horrible daughter as I throw tantrums and argue about the smallest of things, but you love me anyway. But this side of me is known only to you as to the world a I’m sweet, tolerant, humble, compassionate and full of life person and this is only because you taught me to be nice to everyone, irrespective of their age, gender or even their position in life. You fought for me with one and many to make me reach where I am, right from my education to my career choices. And for that I’m forever indebted. You made me who I am and stood by me despite my bad choices, my mistakes and my intolerant behavior. You’re, were and will always be more of a ‘friend’ rather than just a ‘mom’


Letters That Matter ~ 2+3 (Mother’s Day Special)



Dear Mother-in-law,

When people around me started getting married, all I heard and got to know was about their post marriage experiences was bitter, the root cause of it all being their mothers-in-law. From interference to criticism, all their tales sounded very much like real life episodes of any Balaji soap. This made me vary about marriage all-together. Yes, I wanted to get married, but I was always filled with trepidation about the kind of family I would get, especially the question of ‘What would I do if I got a mother-in-law like that?’
But all that was put to rest when I met you the very first time. From making me feel at home to trying to get to know me, you made sure I was comfortable in that first meeting itself and that there was and there would never be any awkwardness between us or between me any other members of the family.
They say having a good mother is a blessing. Well, in that case I’m doubly blessed because I got a good, no, actually, a great mother-in-law and that’s surely a blessing! Thank you for accepting my as I am, though difficult and stubborn, at times. You take care of me as though I am just one more child you always had. And for that I’ll always be grateful and indebted.



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