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A Heart Touching Letter From A Non CA to CA Community

“You can love it, you can hate, but you definitely can’t ignore it”, it is a cliché put to apt use for the CA course.

I never had any inclination towards it (coz of me being a genius with numbers and all). I know it’s not rocket science, but then it does look like it, to people like me. The sleepless nights, the social cut-off, the angst and agony of completing a mammoth syllabus in a limited period, all this and what not, to which end? The endless failures, the repeated attempts, and the distress that every failed attempt piles on, some dreams break and many careers it makes.

You shout out the question and be sure of getting at least 2 responses to the question “How many people pursuing CA?” Being a person who has been away from home since 2006, and staying as a paying guest at more than one place, I have encountered an endless stream of students enrolling for the course every year. They come from their home towns to join one of the many prestigious institutes providing training for the CA exams, with star-filled eyes, and dreams of a great future.

I have wondered a million times and continue to do so every time I come across a new person joining the hordes of probably lakhs of students already struggling to make it out successfully. I can bet you anything, there can’t be anyone who doesn’t have at least one relative or friend or an acquaintance who is either on his way or has already made it to becoming a chartered.

So, what is it that keeps them going? And what is it that ensures a steady incoming flow of fresh students every year? I have seen people’s willpower break and their careers going down. I have seen people regret it, and people embracing it more firmly than before, after each failure.

Some give it up, and some continue to tread on. Some tire out of the endless downpour of questions on them, while others learn to ignore it. The people around them grow restless, but they never waver. But, among the many failures, I have seen one common thing: passion and ambition of achieving that coveted title of “CA”.

One thing is for sure, a CA student, whether he has passed or is still struggling to make it, will be one of the toughest people you ever come across in your life. He has seen the worst and is aiming for the best, even after repeated failures. This urge to make it out,to achieve your dream no matter how long it takes, and of never giving up, is something we all non CA people should take away from these folks.

I accept that you people are above us, (not that I undermine myself and the rest of us :P). It takes guts to pursue something which seems so unattainable. And for all those struggling to make it out, don’t worry, your efforts are being appreciated, by people like me. Don’t give up, just yet. May be this will be the last. So, this goes out for all those who are gonna appear for it (maybe yet again) in May, either first attempt or the nth number of time.

As they say “There’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel”. Here’s hoping the dark tunnel ends here. Go kill it!!

Good luck.

A Non-CA

Author: Manali Desai, a non CA

(as published on CAchrya)

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