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Reasons Why Traveling In An Auto Or Rickshaw Is Awesome

In a country like India, the modes of transportation, if not by own vehicle, are very limited. A cab/taxi, a bus or train or a rickshaw are some commonly available modes of transport. However, out of all these, the auto-rickshaw (or auto) or the cycle-rickshaw is preferable over a cab or bus or train. Why so? Since you’re curious, here are a few reasons.

1. Avoid the crowd in buses and trains

Buses and trains are so crowded that even for breathing one has to struggle for space. For claustrophobic people (and frankly all those who love their lives) should pick travelling by auto-rickshaw rather than a bus or train.



2. Cheaper than a cab

It’s the age of Ola and Uber, but let’s admit that these are super expensive. We’re not blessed like the Ambani kids and nor do we make big bucks like their fathers.



3. Enjoy the winds and views

A bike ride or a car ride on a rainy day is awesome, but an auto-rickshaw or a rickshaw ride is more AWESOME! Because:

  1. You’re not the one driving. So you can look here and there without any fear
  2. Views and winds aren’t blocked by closed windows
  3. No fear of slipping!



4. Do what you like while you travel

Mobility is restricted when traveling in bus or train. In an auto-rickshaw, you can read a book, listen to music, talk to a friend or do just about anything!



5. Getting off in case of emergency is easier

In a car, bus, train or even when driving on our own, getting off in the middle of a ride becomes a little difficult. Here, you can in situations like:

  1. You get a phone call and need to change directions right away,
  2. You are in a situation where you feel unsafe (creepy driver or somebody following you, etc, etc),
  3. You are stuck in a jam and decide not to go where you intended to go, and so on and so forth.



6. No fear of enclosed spaces

Claustrophobic people would find a rickshaw better than a crowded bus, train or metro where they can’t even see their own feet.



7. Best option for short distances

There are some destinations which are “too far for a walk and too near to catch a cab or train for.” Thank the Lords for rickshaws then, right?



8. A comfortable ride for people who don’t drive or own a vehicle

A rickshaw or an auto is the sawari for them folks.



9. It’s possible to run auto rickshaws on electricity or to install more efficient engines

Rickshaws these days run on CNG, so they’re essentially not only saving money but even fuel! What’s more? These rickshaws can run on electricity as well! So if someone asks you next time about why you travel by rickshaw tell them proudly, “Because I’m trying to save the Earth.”



10. Waiting period is less (well almost always)

For catching a bus, train or even a cab, you almost have to wait at the bus stop or the platform. While catching a rickshaw or auto is as simple as walking down the house and hauling one that passes by you! And lo, you’re on your way to your destination in no time!



Aren’t autos and rickshaws just wonderful?

(as published on TopYaps)

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