Breaking Stereotypes~Meet TV Actresses Who Are Happily Unmarried, Successful and In No Hurry to ‘Settle Down’

In the Indian society, a woman is considered ‘settled’ only after she is married. Once she reaches a certain age, irrespective of her professional success and whether she wants to get married or not, the society starts pressurizing and questioning her about her marriage.

The women from entertainment industry feel this marriage pressure even more than others. However, despite this, some of them did not bow down to societal expectations and are doing well, and some, even better than their male contemporaries.

Here is a look at top 8 of such:

1. Jasmin Bhasin


Jasmin Bhasin is all of 26 and no marriage seems to be on the cards of this beautiful actress.

2. Ragini Khanna


This beautiful and bubbly actress also is no hurry to get married and she’s 28.

3. Parul Chauhan


At 29, Parul is one of the leading actresses of the Indian Television industry. But marriage does not seem to be in her plans.

4. Surbhi Jyoti


Surbhi is beautiful, successful and 29 and she does not need marriage for that!

5. Surbhi Chanda

This Surbhi isn’t any different and is also unmarried at 27.

6. Tejaswi Prakash

Cute as well as beautiful, Tejaswi is one of most sought after actresses in television right now. However, at 25, she too is unmarried.


7. Mona Singh

This ‘Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi’ beautiful actress has been around since a while and has a great career too. But marriage is not on the cards for this 35 year old either yet.

 8. Sakshi Tanwar

One of the most successful and one having the longest spanning career in television, Sakhshi Tanwar continues to rule the small screen even in recent times. She is 44, unmarried but happy and successful.

There is no right or wrong time or age for marriage, it just has to be with the right person. And these beautiful leading actresses seem to be proving just that.

(as published on TopYaps)

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