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Have A Desire to Become A Spy or Detective? Check Out These Gadgets on Amazon Under Rs.1000

All of us secretly desire (and sometimes openly) to be an undercover agent or spy of some sort. The movies and TV shows circling around such stories and work only add to our desires of unearthing crimes and secrets no one else can land upon or mysteries nobody could solve.

Though reality is far from such fiction, modern technology has made it possible for common people to have such desires fulfilled too. Amazon offers many such gadgets which can give us a taste, even if just a little bit, of such a life.

Take a look at 10 such spy gadgets:

1. Citra Spy Hd Pen Camera

At just Rs. 449, this one comes with Voice and Video Recording features and a Dvr-Hidden-Camcorder which has 16GB inbuilt memory. It is available in two color variants which is black and  golden. 


2. Padraig Spy Keychain

In Rs 449, this keychain offers features like video recording, audio recording and playback and 2 playback speakers. It operates on built-in rechargeable batteries with up to 4 hours of playtime.

3. M MHB Smart Spy Keychain

A little expensive than number 2, this keychain offers hidden camera with audio and video recording features along with 32 GB memory at Rs. 899 on Amazon.


4. Krazzy Collection KeyChain

Yet another spy gadget in the form of a keychain, Krazzy Collection offers it on Amazon at Rs. 648 with loop recording and driver recording features along with a free charger.


5. Mono Video Recording Pen Camera

A real working pen with video and sound recording features and a built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery at Rs. 449. It offers a video resolution of 720 x 480@30fps and up to to 32GB external memory. You can buy it on Amazon.



6. Padraig BMW Original Keychain Camera

With HD Sound Quality and 32Gb Memory Supportable Audio / Video Recording this keychain camera is available on Amazon in Rs. 999.


7. HI-TECH VISION Spy Wrist Watch

This easy to use and carry wrist watch would be unidentifiable as a spy gadget and you can use it for real time recording in HD picture quality. It is priced at Rs.999.33.


8. Obbi – 720P HD Mini Spy Glasses

Easily passable as an accessory, nobody would doubt you are recording real time images and videos with this one at Rs. 899.

9. Compact 10×25 Mini Binoculars

The most conventional and easy way of spying is provided by these binoculars in Rs. 460.

10.E-Mafia Shirt Button Spy Camera

A button acting as a camera? That would be totally James Bond style! And in just Rs. 992.


Apart from fulfilling our desires these gadgets come in handy for our safety and security as well. With the increasing number of crimes, that would definitely be a help in times of emergency.

(as published on TopYaps)

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