Hit Dads and Flop Sons. Nepotism Much?

The term ‘nepotism’ is abuzz in Bollywood these days. However, it doesn’t always work in favor of the Bollywood babies as not all of the actors and actresses who belong to a filmy background turn out to be good actors or have a successful career in films. Here are a few such examples:


1. Amitabh and Abhishek Bachchan

As one of the biggest icons in the industry, and even at a global level, Amitabh has the world at his disposal. But that could not help him keep afloat his only son’s sinking acting career.


2.  Dharmendra and Bobby Deol

The dream man of Bollywood during his time, Dharmendra had a great career and everything going right for him. While his elder son Sunny made quite a good name and mark in Bollywood himself, the younger one Bobby failed to deliver it big.


3. Firoz and Fardeen Khan

Firoz Khan, known for his charm, good looks and doing some great movies in his career, could not pass on the same legacy to his son Fardeen, who could barely make a name in the industry.


4. Jeetendra and Tusshar Kapoor

Known as the Jumping Jack of Bollywood, Jitendra made a career out of successful movies for decades. His son, Tushaar, however, could not replicate the same aura and success on the big screen.


 5. Mithun and Mahaakshay Chakraborty

The ‘disco dancer’ of Bollywood was quite popular and successful in his times, and is so, even now. However, his son is hardly known to any.

6. Raj and Aarya/Prateik Babbar

Known for his offbeat and villainous roles, Raj Babbar had a successful run in Bollywood. But the same cannot be said about his either of his sons, Aarya and Prateik.

7. Shekhar and Adhyayan Suman

Films, television, ranging from serious roles to comedy, Shekhar Sumar did it all and was quite successful too. However, his son has only given two-three films so far, which have also been unnoticed and highly unsuccessful.

8. Anil and Harshvardhan Kapoor

Anil Kapoor’s film career is exemplary and he has many hits under his name. His son has failed to make that kind of a mark so far.

9. Vinod and Akshaye/Rahul Khanna

His charisma and acting skills led him to deliver many successful movies at the box office. Both of his sons though could not replicate the same.



10. Yash and Uday Chopra

Yash Chopra’s legacy in film-making lives on even after his death but Uday Chopra has failed in all aspects of Bollywood.


As the saying goes, ‘To each his own’, it stands true in terms of making one’s identity too, whether it be in Bollywood or in any other field.

(as published on TopYaps)

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