Life-Ruining Tattoos that Make You Want To Get Off This Planet

Getting inked is probably one of those things we all have on our  ‘bucket list’. It takes a lot of time and research (and some courage building) to finalize a design and take the leap before actually getting a tattoo done.

However, some people fail to do it nicely and end up getting tattoos which would make them a laughing stock for the rest of their lives.

Have a look at few such life-ruining tattoos which will make you want to get off this planet.



Couldn’t afford a dictionary? It’s actually free these days.



Really? Not even a little bit? Like, maybe just an ‘E’


Unless the brand is actually sponsoring you, why would you want a logo (that too a permanent one) on your body?


Guess this guy missed the ‘Apostrophe’ lesson in school.


Will God be able to though?


Oh! The irony. Ironic quotes are one of the worst types of tattoos that you can possibly get, but for some reason people keep deciding to pair images and quotes that don’t make any sense.


The tattoo guy must’ve been like ‘Oh! Heaven is so peaceful. Let me give it to her”


Quite offensive and really unnecessary!


When you make a permanent decision based on temporary relationships.


Well, at least, these gave us all some lessons if nothing else.

(as published on TopYaps)

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