Think You Are A Bollywood Buff? Try Identifying These Actresses From Their Childhood Pics

We all love going through our childhood photographs and reminiscing our growing up years. Admittedly it also brings with it some wonder about how different we looked then from what we look as adults. So is the case with some of our beloved B-town actresses. They look quite different from their beautiful and glamorous versions of today.

Let’s see if you can guess your favorite actresses from their childhood pics.


This actor turned writer looks nothing like the curly hair child in the above photo. Can you guess who she is?

Twinkle Khanna looks naughty in her childhood pic, though as an adult she is quite elegant.


This one grew to be every guy’s favorite. Any guesses?

Sunny Leone looks quite the daddy’s girl in her childhood pics. Who knew she’d grow to be the hottie she is now.


A fashionista and a successful actor as an adult, can you guess who this girl is?

Doesn’t Sonam Kapoor look adorable in her childhood pic? And quite unidentifiable too!


In the 1990s all guys referred to her as the ‘Mast Cheez’. Can you guess who she is from her childhood pic?

Raveena Tandon made everyone drool with her yellow saree in ‘Tip Tip Barsa Paani’ as an adult, but looks quite different in her childhood pics.


She grew up to be nation’s first female superstar. Any guesses on this one?

We will forever remember her for her comic timing and sultry numbers as an adult. But Sridevi looks quite unidentifiable in her childhood.



Her dimples were loved by men and women equally. So were her roles. Can you guess who this cutie is?

Sans her dimple, Preity Zinta looks quite different in her childhood pics, doesn’t she?



She starred opposite the Khiladi and Bhaijaan in her very first few movies. Can you guess who she is?


Sonakshi Sinha doesn’t look quite the same in her childhood pics, does she?



Crowned as ‘Miss World’ almost two decades ago, this woman is doing some great work in Bollywood as well as Hollywood today. Any guesses?

Priyanka Chopra looks cute even in her childhood pics but not quite the same.


Cute and petite even today, this actress is quite a good singer too. Can you guess who she is?

Not quite a lot of difference in the way Shraddha Kapoor looks as an adult too.


The brown eyed beauty of Bollywood is making a comeback into movies in a few days. Can you guess who she is?

Rani Mukherjee is identifiable only through her eyes in the childhood pics.


In the limelight because of her recent weight loss, she is known for her bold and bindaas characters and attitude.


Parineeti Chopra was quite a cutiepie in her childhood.


Popularly know as the ‘Dhak Dhak’ girl, her smile makes hearts beats faster even today.

Madhuri Dixit looks cute in her childhood pics and quite different as well.



Touted as the most beautiful actress of her generation, she has quite a fan following and a number of hits under her belt. Any guesses?


Doesn’t Katrina Kaif look adorable in her childhood pic? Who knew she’d grow to be such a beauty.


In a career spanning many hits, her role in K3G was one of the most loved and relatable. Can you guess who she is?

No wonder, Taimur looks so adorable. Look at how adorable Kareena Kapoor Khan was as a child.




The ‘Queen’ of Bollywood in her childhood. Can you guess who she is?

Kangana Ranaut looked quite the Himachali girl that she is in her childhood.



The dusky beauty of Bollywood has had quite a long spanning career. Any guesses on who she is?

Kajol looks quite notorious in her childhood pics too.


The top actress in Bollywood right now looked like that in her childhood. Can you guess who she is?

Deepika Padukone looks quite different from her childhood self, though quite adorable even now.


Married to the best cricketer in the world currently, can you guess who she is from her childhood pic?

Anushka Sharma looks like her bubbly self in childhood too.



The youngest amongst the top actresses of Bollywood today, she looks quite cute even today. Any guesses?

Alia Bhatt was an adorable baby, wasn’t she?


Known worldwide for her beauty, she married into the biggest Bollywood family and has an adorable daughter as well. Any guess as to who she is?


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan looked beautiful right from childhood it seems.


Can you guess who the girl in orange T-shirt is?


Well, that is none other than today’s leading Bollywood actress, Yami Gautam.


The sweetest Barfi of Bollywood. Can you guess who she is from her childhood pic?


‘Bareily Ki Barfi’ fame Kriti Sanon was quite sweet looking in her childhood too.


This is a tough one. Still, can you guess?

That is Kajal Aggarwal who looks very different now.


She made quite a few headlines and a grand entry into Bollywood through her debut film. Can you her identity through her childhood pic?

Looks quite different now, doesn’t she?



She is an actor as well as a terrific singer. Any guesses?


That is Shrutti Hassan!


We never tire of knowing more and more about our beloved celebs. That was quite a ride into their childhood!

(as published on TopYaps)


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