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Must Visit Places in Kolkata-The City of Joy

To help you pick, here is a list of the best the city has to offer:

1. Eden Gardens

Irrespective of whether you are a cricket buff or not, this ‘one of the largest stadiums in the world’ has to be on your list.

2. Howrah Bridge

How can you miss out on this?

3. Rabindra Sarover

One of the best that nature has to offer in this city.

4. Botanical Gardens

Immerse in the beauty of nature with flora and fauna.

5. Victoria Memorial

Something which reflects on the history of the city. And that too quite beautifully.


6. Sundarbans

One of the best jungles in the world and here’s your chance to explore it!

7. Marble Palace

This might make you feel like walking through a fairytale!

8. Birla Temple

Get a little of your spiritual and religious side satiated too.

9. Alipore Zoo

It is claimed to be one of the best zoos in the country in the recent times.

10. Nicco Park

One for fun and thrilling rides which is great for a family outing.




11. Indian Museum

Walk through the history of the city and the county. Not to mention it is the oldest and the largest Indian Museum.


Looking at the list, there’s no wonder the city is called ‘The City of Joy’!

(as published on TopYaps)

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