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Terms To Understand What Attracts You To Someone

In the recent times, thanks to the internet and apps like Tinder, sexuality has become a very ‘in’ topic. We’ve also had the world ‘sapiosexual’ being used around a lot. However, it is not only through intelligence and wit that all of us get attracted physically to someone. There are a lot of personality traits which we might find attractive, right from the way someone dresses, to the way we connect with them at an emotional level.

Let us explore some such terms here:

1. Heterosexual

The most ‘normal’ one when it comes to sexuality or sexual orientation. A heterosexual person is attracted to people of the opposite sex meaning boys who like girls and women who like men.

2. Demisexual

A demisexual person is someone who gets physically attracted to someone (of the same or the opposite sex) only after a strong emotional connection has developed with the other person.

3. Graysexual

A person who is somewhere in between 100 per cent asexual and allosexual. Such people might only experience sexual attraction on very rare occasions, or feel sexual attraction but not desire sexual relationships, or experience a feeling somewhere in between platonic and sexual.

4. Omnisexual

Someone with a diverse sexual propensity is called omnisexual. It is also sometimes referred to as pansexual.


5. Metrosexual

Certain activities like shopping and grooming have traditionally always been linked to feminity. However, a metrosexual man is someone who enjoys shopping, fashion, and similar interests traditionally associated with women or homosexual men and this has nothing to do with their sexual orientation.

6. Androromantic

Someone who is sexually attracted to male or more specifically to masculine traits and characteristics.  So next time you are attracted to someone acting protective towards or someone who is passionate and assertive, who know what to call yourself.


7. Aromantic

This is the type of person who experiences little or no romantic attraction to others. They are often satisfied with friendships and other non-romantic relationships.

8. Gynoromantic

Similar to Andromantic, gynoromantic is a person who is sexually attracted to females or more specifically to feminine traits and characteristics. So people attracted to traits like sweetness, compassion or activities that someone engages in like, grooming and shopping, you’re a gynoromantic for sure.

9. Hyposexual

This is someone who has an overall low sexual drive or libido. They are not asexual though, they do have sexual desires but it is limited.

10. Lithosexual

This is a sort of positive term for those in one-sided relationships, It means that someone does in fact experience sexual attraction, but they in no way want those feelings reciprocated.

11. Androgynosexual

This is someone who likes a mix of both masculine and feminine characters for example liking a guy who loves to shop but is also confident and protective towards you.

12. Recipromantic

Have you never felt attracted to someone who fails to notice you? Yes, there’s a type for this too. Recipromantic is someone who feels romantic attraction only if the other person feels romantic attraction to them first.

Who knew there could be so many ways to define sexuality! However as we continue to grow and evolve in this area, there will be more terms being added to the list.

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