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Strange Things We All Do But Never Admit

We all have, at one point or another, done some things we aren’t very proud of. Some of these are so embarrassing that we completely want to erase them. And then of course, there are certain habits like that too, which we know that if others would come to know about, would be hard to explain. Like that habit of keeping the lights on while sleeping or wanting to sit at only a particular spot (remember Sheldon?)

Don’t worry though, despite what we all think and believe, there is a certain weirdness we all engage in. Hard to believe that? Have a look at such things below:

1. Peeing in the shower or pool

This is why most of us aren’t very keen about public pools.


2. Look busy in order to avoid talking to someone

Because you just want to be alone or that person is full of shit.


3. Pretend to listen to people

Either because we don’t want to hurt them or just because there’s nothing to avoid it.

4. Listen to other people’s conversation and mentally give opinion

Yes, because when someone is discussing ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ our radar automatically goes off.


5. Lower the volume of the music in car when driving through a new street or looking for an address

Yes, because it helps you see better.

6. Calculate the exact amount of time of sleep before falling asleep

Saying to self, “If I fall asleep right now, I can get exactly 6 hours, 30 mins and 43 seconds of sleep..” every night before going to sleep.


7. Fake laugh when you couldn’t understand or hear what the other person said

Better than saying, “Sorry I didn’t get you”.


8. Own a piece of clothing which you never wear but don’t throw away either

Saying to self, “I can’t throw that I’ve never worn it even once” every time you clean the wardrobe.


9. Feel like you never knew yourself after hearing own voice on record

And then asking everyone, “Omg! Is that how I sound?”


10. Run to the room after switching off the hall or kitchen light

Because God only knows what or who might grab you from behind!


11. Have a mental play of the conversation in head before making a phone call

But then the conversation never plays out that way. Such a waste!


12. Watch something funny after watching a scary movie to calm those nerves

Because you can’t go to sleep after watching that!


13. Mostly never buy a product/service after trying the free sample

Yes, so many times, right?


14. End up not buying something online because of the shipping charges

However highly priced the product is we don’t want to spend even a penny on the shipping. The stats prove it too.


15. Sneak peek at other’s messages (phone) while pretending to look somewhere else

The curiosity levels on this one are high and we just need to know what’s the conversation.


16. Fail miserably at making a new dish

Irrespective of how easy those DIYs make it look like, the first attempt is always a mishap.


17. Talk with inanimate objects

Those long philosophical talks with the bedside lamp or to the mirror aren’t just your weird thing.

18. Stalk someone online

Yes, and then ended up on their brother’s friend’s daughter’s profile. *facepalm*


So next time you do one, some or any of the above, remember you are not alone.

(as published on TopYaps)

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