Bollywood Movies Centered around Schools and Education System

We all love cinema. Movies as a source of entertainment also play a major role in influencing our lifestyles and way of thinking. In recent years, slice of life type of movies, have gained huge popularity among a large section of the society. Movies that depict our life, or remind us of days gone by are liked even more. One such genre is of movies that are centered around schools and the education system. Kids and adults like them alike.

Here we take a look at some such movies:

1. Paathshala

This Nana Patekar, Shahid Kapoor and Ayesha Takia starrer was a satirical take on the Indian Education System and its shortcomings. It had some great songs as well.

2. Chalk and Duster

How the modern schooling system treats the teachers and how the system affects the students too, is what is beautifully portrayed in this movie.

3. Hindi Medium

When there is Irffan Khan, the movie definitely holds substance and so does this. The movie throws light on the shallowness of the upper society and the lengths to which we all are ready to go for ensuring that our children get an English Medium education.

4. Student of the year

Though not an ideal one to be close to realistic, this one too does involve a school (and also a love story, that too a triangle one).

5. Hichki

This one hasn’t released yet but going by the trailer we know it circles around the life of a teacher (with Tourette’s syndrome) and the school where she teaches.

6. Rockford

The 90s kids probably remember this one quite fondly (at least the movie buffs) as it talked about friendship, love and life at a boarding school in a truly wonderful depiction.

7. Taare Zameen par

If this one isn’t on your ‘all-time favorite movies’ list, you have bad taste in cinema. Circling around a dyslexic child the story touched us in an emotional as well as ‘feel-good’ kind of way.

8. Gippi

What a teenage girl goes through, at school and in her personal life is sweetly portrayed in this movie.

9. Stanley ka dabba

This one is a gem and truly one of those movies which shows school life in an emotional, sweet and sensible way.

10. Aarakshan

We all have mixed feelings towards the students belonging to SC/ST category. However we never look at their side of the story before passing judgments. This movie shows that side.

11. 3 Idiots

Very few movies show the college life sans the romance and this is one of those which talks about our education system, the race behind grades and the importance of good friends in a never seen before way.

12. I am Kalam

If you haven’t already seen this movie, please do so. Soulful and sweet in its narrative, this one is yet another gem which talks about a child from a not-so-wealthy background who wants to attend school but doesn’t have the sources.

13. Nil Battey Sannata

A maid wants her child to study hard and pursue a career. However the child has no ambition and wants to follow in the same footsteps as her mother. What the mother does to bring about a change in this attitude of the daughter is what this movie beautifully portrays.

14. Haramkhor

The only movie from the list which though talks about school life but falls under the u/a category. It tells the story of a teacher-student relationship at an adulterous level.

Time to take a walk down the memory lane then! If not that, time to have some entertainment time with the kids (avoid the movie number 14 though)

*as published on TopYaps

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