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Couples Picked These Places as their Favorites To Have Sex in Public

Whether we admit it or not, we all have one or the other sexual fantasy. Role-play, kinky stuff, using toys and many other things spice up the romance and make the sex even more enjoyable. There are many whose fantasy is to do it in public.

Here’s some good news, for those wanting to get that off the list and even for those shying away from it. DrEd Online Doctor surveyed 1,000 people to find out the top 10 places to have sex in public.

OK, here we go, people:

1. A public, park, field, forest or garden

Amidst the beauty and within nature’s lap, that sure does sound good.

2. In a car

Thanks to many movies and books, this one is on everyone’s list.

3. At the beach or ocean front

Here’s another chance for the beach lovers to love the beach and its beauty even more.

4. In a movie hall

Ah! Why not? Especially if the movie is boring.

5. Within the library, school or university

Sounds naughty as well as exciting, doesn’t it?

6. In a dressing room

Get it on while undressing. 😉

7. The Balcony

Well, not that much shyness here, is it?

8. At work

The boss-secretary fantasy at the actual place!

Time to make the romance and the sex more interesting!

*as published on Topyaps


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