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Reasons You Are Marrying The Wrong Guy

A lot is expected from a woman post marriage. Right from moving away from her family to making adjustments with the new family and to sometimes giving up a career she has to make a lot of compromises.

Yes, love is important, but would that be enough? Irrespective of whether the marriage is a love or arranged one, things do change once you are married to that person. So, what if the guy turns out to be different from what you expected?

As they say, prevention is better than cure, here are not one but ten indications you are marrying the wrong guy.


1. His presence doesn’t comfort you

As a woman there is always a need to feel comfortable in a man’s presence and if his presence makes you insecure or uncomfortable and you always have to think before saying or doing something or just worry about being yourself, he just isn’t for you.

2. There is no physical attraction

Though this isn’t more important than an emotional connect, it is still quite important and the lack of it is definitely something to worry about.

3. He does not respect your beliefs, values, dreams, ambitions and work

Love is being able to completely be yourself around someone. If he has ever belittled you because of your faith, morals or even political views, he doesn’t respect you. He doesn’t have to agree with all your beliefs, but he absolutely needs to respect them. The same goes for your work, the dreams you have and your ambitions.

Also, bring up conversations about how you want to continue working after marriage. That will show you his ideas on whether or not he will be fine with your career choices after the wedding.


4. He is rude to parents/elders

Being rude to parents and elders (and not even apologizing or feeling guilt about it) is just unacceptable. The same goes for how he behaves with strangers.



5. He is two-faced

You see a completely different side of him when he is with friends, or when he is with family. But when you two are alone he behaves the opposite. That is a danger sign. This guy might be two-faced!


6. He is instable in his career

If he jumps from job to job, misuses funds, has no interest in investments and savings whatsoever, hates to work (but loves to party) and puts other things before the relationship, his priorities are not in order and you need to run!

7. His anger scares you

It is most likely that he deals with anger differently than you. That’s normal. But it’s not OK for him to fly off the handle. Have you ever wondered if he’ll completely lose control? If your answer is yes, please leave the relationship now. Marriage will only make it worse (and harder to leave).

8. Your friends/family do not like him

These people love and know you. Love can be blind. If people close to you don’t like your partner, listen to them. They might be able to see horrifying things that you can’t.

9. After a fight or an argument, it’s always you who apologizes

Though it’s great on your part to be willing to apologize this means he has an ego issue and is incapable of saying sorry. This is sure sign that he will be a man miserable to be married to.

10. You two are never on the same page

You never see eye to eye on anything. You fight over friends, family, lack of time spent with each other, money, jealousy — just about anything. As much as you try, nothing you do is ever satisfactory.


Remember that, marriage is love, compromise and support — not convenience. You’ll know you are with the right person when the relationship is based on genuine love and respect, and you truthfully want to spend the rest of your life with that person.

Also, when it comes to a marriage, its usually a one time decision and this is why you should never go for what’s less than you truly want.

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