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Resolutions We All Should Follow This Year

As another year has set in, we have all already given up on some of our New Year Resolutions. The thing about resolutions is that they hardly last throughout the year and even if they do we might not end up achieving them anyway. That’s discouraging for sure, but as they say getting what you want has never been easy. So here are some resolutions worth keeping and striving for in 2018. Because if not now, then when?

1. Try something you have never tried before

What has been that one thing you have always wanted to do and never got around to doing it? Sky diving? Scuba diving? Starting you own venture? Take a road trip?

It could be anything, big or small, but take that plunge and go on and try it this year.

2. Do something good- without expecting anything in return

Help out someone in need. It’s all always been about you, all the time. This year maybe you could think about others who need something more than you. Join an NGO or maybe start one of your own, educate children for free, give out your old clothes to a homeless person. Really, the list of good things you could do is endless.

3. Become a better version of yourself

No, this doesn’t mean becoming fit or losing the weight. Become a better version overall by putting in more efforts in all areas, be it your work, your personal life, your eating habits and every activity you engage in. Just do it wholeheartedly and in the best way possible.

4. Let go of the past

Stop analyzing how the previous year or the year before that was. It’s already gone and nothing can be done about it. You are only wasting the present time by thinking about the past time.

5. Do something environmentally friendly

We all know global warming is already here and the impact of it can already be seen and felt too. Try doing your bit even if it is as small as not throwing garbage on the roadside or keeping the electricity off when not needed. And if you can do something bigger, than the better it is for you and everyone else too!

Frankly we’re all done, dusted and a bit bored with the usual resolutions like exercise more, eat healthy, buy a car/house and what not. But they usually never last. The above ones however will help achieve many things and also make the world a better place to live in, for you and for the humankind in its entirety. So go on, try them and let’s see how we all fare at the end of the year!


*as published on TopYaps

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