Words Which Are Actually Polite But Sound Offensive

We’re in an age where the shorter the word or phrase, the cooler we sound. But in this process we do not realize that the intended message is not being conveyed. Confused?

Let’s say for example you share some good news with someone and instead of a “Thank you” the response you get is “Good for you”. Would that make you feel happy? Wouldn’t it be a little impolite or even rude? There are many such phrases which though could be referred to as courtesy words can be a bit off-putting.

Let’s have a look at some of these:

1. Good for you


2. Alright

3. Okay


4. Wow


5. Cool


6. Sure


7. Of course

8. Never mind

9. Anyway


10. Whatever


11. No worries/No problem/No issues


12. Do you mind?


13. That’s great

14. I’m afraid so



Words and phrases like “Hello”, “Thank you” and “It’s a pleasure” have become outdated but we need to remember that they are irreplaceable.

*as published on TopYaps (with few edits)

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