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Are Laptops And PCs As Useful As They Used To Be?

When traveling or sitting in a public place we see so many people around with their heads down and eyes glued to their phone screens. If not phones, people are busy with their tabs. Many of them often work using the plethora of apps on the phones and tabs. Why only for work? We use cell phones for almost everything. Right from shopping to making to-do lists and from GPS tracking to ordering our favorite food, cell phones have become much more than just a calling device. And with the increasing number of apps on mobiles and tabs, the usability of both laptops and PCs is diminishing.

1. They are not easy to carry

Let’s all admit it: carrying a laptop around ends up giving a sweet pain at the end of the day. A smartphone can slide into a pocket. With a PC, carrying them around isn’t even an option.


2. The price factor

We don’t all own a MacBook but even so the laptops (at least the one with good configuration and features) cost more than a cell phone or a tab. And the PCs may cost even more. So laptops and PCs might disappear because of their high cost and smartphones are likely to replace laptops and PCs because they are cheaper in comparison and do all the things that an average laptop or PC can.

Laptops and PC

3. More options in smartphones and tablets

With laptops and PCs there are just a handful of brands one can trust. Also, the choice in terms of colour, size, configurations, etc is quite limited. Whereas with a phone or tablet there are a number of brands, colors, sizes, etc that one can choose from. A colorful device to work on would be preferred over boring black and white any day.

Laptops and PCs

4. The ease of working from anywhere is absent

Because laptops become an inconvenience while away from the house or workplace, their usability is considerably dipping. Think about tabs and cell phones in this regard and you can do just about any work from any place. Let’s say you are on board a flight or train and need to make some changes to your project right away but your laptop is not with you. That’s a fix which can be solved through a phone or tab. A laptop does not allow for such flexibility, does it? With a PC one is stuck at one place all day and laptops too don’t provide as much mobility. This could well be a reason for laptops and PCs to become extinct soon.

Laptops and PCs

5. Can’t do much while working

Shopping, partying or traveling won’t stop your work especially when it is urgent. Just hit a few buttons on the smartphone and the work will be done.



6. Takes an era to charge

Phones and tabs charge quickly. With a PC charging is out of question, and with laptops carrying the charger around just adds weight to the already heavy laptop. Oh, and also, power banks!


7. Is not easy to replace

Buying a laptop or PC may require long term savings and planning. Even after that we are not always satisfied. Phones and tabs are easily replaceable as they are cheap and that could be the reason enough for people to dump their laptops and just use a mobile phone for everything.


8. What if it hangs midway?

Multi-tasking on a phone or tab is so much easier and smoother. We all get so annoyed when the PC or laptop hangs and we lose precious data. We’ve all wished for our laptops to burn during such moments.


9. Apps are the thing now

Laptops and PCs do not allow for most apps to operate on them, for example using Instagram on a PC or laptop is quite a pain. There are many sites and apps which one is unable to use on the laptop or PC. People anyway turn to their phones for using such apps. This is the biggest indication of the diminishing value of laptops and PCs.


There are many who prefer watching movies, series, accessing social media over our phones rather than on our laptops. We are already using our PCs and laptops lesser and lesser. Isn’t this indication enough that the days of laptops and PCs are now numbered?

*as published on TopYaps

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