Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

he time for saying, “Winter is coming” has passed now. It’s here, and how! Gone are the days when Mumbaikars used to say, “Mumbai doesn’t have winters”. According to a report in TOI, Mumbai is colder than most hill stations right now at 11 degrees Celsius. We’re already chilled to the bone and shivering to our cores.But life has to go on, right? How long can you hide inside that blanket? Here’s how we can beat the winter blues:

1. Shop and flaunt your winter wardrobe.

There’s a reason we have “Winter Collections” and winter sales. Go in for some retail therapy and show your love for the latest trends. Some brands have the most grab-worthy apparels and footwear to make this most dreaded season a little cheerful. So, why not invest in these and make ourselves happy?

Winter blues


2. Pour some hot caffeine into your mugs.

Wake up and smell the coffee!! And not just smell, go ahead and have it!! It’ll not only help kill the drowsiness, but make you feel warmer and cozier. If you’re a coffee lover, like me, this is just an excuse.

Winter blues


3. Don’t indulge in too much alcohol.

Though it might feel like this is the best thing, because of the warm and fuzzy feeling it provides, alcohol is only a temporary relief. Besides giving you a terrible hangover the next day, it is also known to induce depression, if consumed in excess of, say, 5 pegs.

Winter blues


4. Stock up on cold creams, moisturizers and other winter cosmetics.

Don’t ignore those chapped lips and dry skin itches. Buy cold creams and chap sticks to get rid of these. Why be grumpy when you know the answer is just a shop away. You’ll not only look good but feel better about yourself as well.

Winter blues


5. Don’t be a vampire – go bask in the sunlight.

Granted, there are night lovers among us who are most active and energetic after the sun goes down. But, let’s befriend the sun and its rays during this season, at least. The vampire lifestyle can be maintained rest of the year. Sit in the sunlight for some time during the day, and the winter blues will evaporate in the heat.

Winter blues


6. It’s the perfect time to get in shape.

The more you sweat, the warmer you feel. So, go right ahead and exercise out the winter blues. This is the best time to get fit. It’ll make you feel less lazy (and winters do make you want just curl up and sleep inside your blanket), and it’ll also make you feel less guilty about being hungry and eating so much all the time.



7. Keep yourself active, but avoid the stress.

Keep yourself engaged in some work or other. Go out with friends, take a stroll in the park, take up that course you’ve always wanted to. In short, do everything that makes you happy and keeps your mind and body active. Don’t take stress on the professional front. I am not saying quit your job, but don’t let the stress add to your winter blues.



8. Eat healthy, eat smart.

We all feel ravenous when the weather is chilly. We also feel like indulging more, but we need to be careful. The wrong kind of food will be bad for your physical as well mental well being. Have seasonal fruits like mangoes and pineapples and avoid pastries and ice-creams.



9. Stay in a warm and bright environment.

After the sun goes down, or even during the day, keep yourself in a bright environment. There are artificial lights/heaters available to warm up your rooms and personal space. Avoid darkness and shadows. These are likely to make you feel depressed. Be in a bright and cheerful environment, and it’ll change your mood instantly.



10. Music literally works as therapy during this time.

By this, I mean music which is cheerful. Avoid songs about heartbreak and breakups. These will drown you in depression, adding to your winter blues. Listen to peppy numbers, dance if you feel like it, and make yourself feel better.


Follow these simple ideas and I am pretty sure the winter will pass cheerfully. Hope you beat those winter blues and  find yourself geared up for the next season.

*as published on TopYaps

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