Myths About Women That Need To Die Right Now

Oscar Wilde said, “Women are made to be loved, not understood”. However, most of us fail to realize this. In fact, we believe certain things to be true about women, even before we get to know them or talk to them. Why so? Simply because a lot of things about the fairer sex are taken for granted. So something like, “Oh! I’m sure your favorite color is pink!!” or “You’re a girl, obviously you love chocolates!” are things about women and their choices that are commonly assumed to be true just because they’re a woman.

However, these are pure myths as not all women are the same, just like no two humans can be the same.

So here’s a look at a few myths which need to be busted right now:

1. Women Gossip

This is one of biggest misconceptions about women that they spend a lot of time talking and bitching about other people. However, scientific studies and various surveys have proved that men talk and gossip way more than women.

2. Women spend a lot of time getting ready

Yes, maybe. But there are a lot of factors to consider here. What is the occasion? Does the woman wear makeup? etc etc. Some women are just as comfortable doning a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans and do not feel the need to wear any makeup. These women, mind you, can be ready and out of the house in five minutes. Which could be faster than men too!

3. Women are not ambitious

Women are believed to be shy, not having many goals, happy with what they have etc. But times have changed drastically and women today are not only ambitious but at par with men, and some are doing even better than them! Here are some exemplary women who have made it big in their careers.

4. Women love to cook

Nope, just because we are women you don’t have to assume that we should be good at cooking. We certainly have love for a lot of other things than just cooking.

5. A woman’s dream is limited to getting married and having kids

Not all women love cooking or dream of getting married. In fact, some prefer going out and making it big in the corporate world or any other career rather than simply getting married and having kids. Getting married isn’t the only aim of every woman/girl.

6. Women aren’t strong enough

Women today are pretty strong both mentally and physically and if you mess with them they know how to kick some ass!

7. Women Hate Maths

There is only one apt response for this and that is “Shakuntala Devi”. Nuff said!


8. Women lack financial acumen

Umm, really? Heard of Chanda Kochhar? or Arundhati Bhattacharya? You probably hold accounts in banks they manage. Yeah, shocking right?


9. Women Can’t Handle Pressure

Try thinking of a day without a woman to help you out, be it getting the food ready, managing professional life or keeping the house chaos free. You think that’s not stressful? Also, these days women juggle with all these tasks, and if your life is going smooth, then it’s probably because the woman in your life is handling the stress well.

10. If a woman is professionally successful, she does not have a happy family life

If you think this is true, you might not have had working women around you. Try to know one and you’ll know how untrue it is.


11. Women are way too emotional and not practical

Women are very practical. In fact various studies have shown that women are far more practical in approach than men and make radical decisions giving their emotions a back seat.

12. Women like to do skin show

Men wear shorts too. Do we say they like skin show? Then why is it that when women wear shorts or skirts, it is assumed they like skin show. Also, not all women like to wear skirts, some like jeans, some like ethnic wear and some just prefer Pajamas.


13. Women Prefer having a baby boy over a girl

No, this isn’t true. We like babies of both genders equally (unlike some men who crib about wanting a son)


14. Women are drama queens

We do know where, when and how to keep the drama in control. Thank you very much!


As Mother Teressa said, “If we judge people, we have no time to know them”. Hence gender should not be a parameter to trying to gauge a person’s personality. Get to know them before trying to know them the next time around.

*as published on Pinknest.In

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