Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Decide To Marry Someone In The Very First Meeting

People say marriages are made in heaven. And in India, this belief is ingrained in the concept of arranged marriages. But of course, one has to be cautious while choosing this route because who knows what the person might turn out into after marriage. Yes, arranged marriages can be successful even today but they shouldn’t turn to scenarios where the partners say to each other “But you never told me this before marriage!” or “But you promised things would change after marriage!” So here’s a list of reasons why nobody should decide to marry on the basis of just one meeting!

1. They will be at their best behavior

Of course they will be and so will you! It’s like a job interview (well almost).

First meeting

2. You probably don’t know how they live

Have you been inside their house? How do they live? Do they keep the place tidy? Argh! So much to know.

First meeting

3. He or she might not be completely truthful

Well, it’s an arranged marriage meeting! You can’t expect the person to talk about his or her past or some of the habits his or her family isn’t aware about (such as smoking and drinking).

First meeting

4. You don’t get a chance to know or notice the small things

What kind of clothes does he or she like? Does he or she travel? What time do they wake up? These things can only be known over a certain period of knowing someone.


First meeting

5. You don’t know what his or her family is like

Agreed that not all in-laws turn out to be nasty but one can’t know that for sure in just the first meeting.

First meeting

6. Likes or dislikes cannot be known in just one meeting

What if one likes travelling and the other doesn’t? Imagine that! What if the movie choices don’t match?

First meeting

7. Knowing, discussing, or disagreeing about future plans is not possible in the first meeting

What if the guy wants to stay with his family even after marriage? It is something not every girl would like. These dissimilarities lead to disagreements later on the marriage. So why not get to know them and discuss beforehand?

First meeting


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