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These Sequels Of Indian Movies And TV Shows Failed To Match Their Original

There are so many stories we enjoy watching as movies or in the form of TV shows that they become a part of our regular life and talks; take for example a movie as mammoth as “Baahubali”. The Indian audience must have waited more for this movie than they would have waited for anything in their lives! The question ‘Why did Kattappa kill Baahubali?’ gave sleepless nights to all of us. But some stories are best left as they are because rekindling them mostly doesn’t work. Don’t believe us? Have a look at this list then.


1. Phir Hera Pheri

“Hera Pheri” is a favorite comedy movie for most of us but the sequel didn’t hold that charm.


2. Housefull (2 & 3)

Frankly, the first was a dud, too! Why did they even go on to make 2 and 3?


3. Once Upon A Time in Mumbaai Dobara

OATIM was something of a clincher. The music, the star-cast, the story, the dialogue; all worked well with the audience. But the sequel? Not so much.


4. Satya 2

Ask any 90s kid about his favorite underworld movie and he’ll definitely say “Satya”. Bhiku Mhatre was a class character. Forget about class, “Satya 2” did not anything worth remembering.


5. Sarkaar Raj and Sarkaar 3

Although “Sarkaar” was a desi version of the “Godfather”, it did quite well. The sequels, however, tanked at the box office, unlike the sequels of the famous Hollywood movie.


6. Hathyar (Sequel to Vaastav)

An innocent, unemployed boy becomes a successful person but events lead him down the road to becoming a gangster. This story of the movie touched us all. And we hoped the sequel would, too, but unfortunately it didn’t.


TV Shows

Well, frankly there aren’t many sequels to Indian TV soaps (not that we need sequels to Saas-Bahu serials) but there are many shows which were once beloved and have started to lose their charm now. So, here are some sequels which just don’t work.

1. Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Take 2

We waited for this sequel but it didn’t bode well with the audiences.

TV show

2. The Kapil Sharma Show (a kind of sequel to Comedy Nights With Kapil)

Now hailed as a king of comedy, Kapil Sharma has been ruling the TRP charts for the last 2 years now, but lately the show has been going down the rails.

TV show

3. Hum PaanchHum Paanch was a beloved show back in the 90s. Lovers and viewers of the show were quite sad to see the show end and demanded for a sequel. However, ‘Hum Paanch Phir Se’ did not receive the warm welcome which was expected from the sequel of a household beloved show. In fact most viewers didn’t even know when the sequel came out.


4. 24

When ‘24’ aired first, it was an overnight success. People loved Anil Kapoor as a secret agent trying to save the PM against all odds and at the risk of losing his own family. The second season (sequel) was launched with equal gusto and was expected to do just as well if not better. That somehow didn’t happen though.


As they say ‘All good things come to an end’, so it stands true for these shows and movies.

*as published on Topyaps

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