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Everything You Should Know About Period Sex

The day you have both been looking forward to is here. Everything is planned, the music, the candlelight decor, the setting under the moonlight sky and the two of you sharing the most precious moments together. This could be the anniversary you have always wanted to celebrate or the intimate and private moments you have been planning to spend together since weeks or maybe months.

But, alas, it could not be perfect. Why? The menses chose just that day! Oh, how heartbroken you both must be. Having planned and looked forward to something for so long and it not going as you had imagined. This is one of those days when you absolutely hate yourself for being a woman.

A regular scenario would be something like that. But have you thought it could be perfect even with the periodic cycle kicking in? Yes, very much so! Get those conventional ideas out of your head.

Here’s your guide to everything you should know about period sex:

1. It’s not as messy as your imagination makes you think

Only if you have extremely heavy periods are you likely to end up in the pool of blood-stained sheets that you are imagining in your mind. 30 and 40ml of blood is released on an average during the periods which is over the course of some days. So the per minute release is quite minuscule, right? There would hardly be any blood really.


2. The orgasm will relieve your period cramps

Are you one of those who just cannot bear painful cramps without popping some painkillers? Well, here is an easier cure, because orgasms are natural pain-relievers.

3. The sexual desire is higher during the periodic cycle

Yes, that’s true. Don’t believe it? Focus on your libido on those 5 days and the rest of the month. You’ll know!!


4. The mess can be cleaned up

Use an old bedsheet or lay down an old blanket over the bed. In case there are still stains, wash them immediately and voila! No stains, no pains. Here are a few other tricks to get rid of the stains:

  • If the stains are fresh, rinse them in cold water as soon as possible.
  • If the stains are already set, hydrogen peroxide does the trick. Pour hydrogen peroxide onto the stain, wait 15 minutes, then pat lightly with a paper towel and proceed to launder them as you would normally.
  • Put club soda/Sprite on the stain right after you’re done having sex. This doesn’t let the stain sink into the sheets as much as it would if you let it sit for a few hours.

5. Lubricants are not required

And why would you? Period blood in itself is a natural lubricant.

 6. Getting pregnant is not completely off the list

An average woman has a 28-day cycle and for those women getting pregnant through period sex is impossible. However, for those women who have shorter menstrual cycles, let’s say 21 to 24 days if the intercourse happens towards the end of the period, it does leave some probability of getting pregnant. So, using contraceptives would be a good idea.

7. Get kinky and creative

One way to get rid of the worry about stains is to get intimate in other places than the bed. We’ve all got some fantasies, so here’s a chance to make them happen. Use the shower or get cozy under a starlight sky.


8. There are health benefits involved too

Apart from providing relief from period cramps, sex during the periods has also been shown to reduce women’s risk of developing endometriosis. Few studies suggest that both intercourse and orgasm helped to clear the uterus of excess blood and tissue, leading to a lower risk of endometriosis.

So, as the famous quote goes, “You cannot recover the moment after it is missed and the time after it is gone”. Hence don’t stop beautiful memories from getting created just because of something which is natural. Also, remember that it is nothing to be grossed out about.

*as published on Pinknest


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