The Ugly Truth-Reasons To Keep Handsets Away From Children

Technology is in the hands of adults and children alike. We are so in awe and addicted to our electronic gadgets that we don’t even realize when the minutes, hours and days go by with our heads and minds stuck in TVs, tablets and smartphones. In fact, we have jumped to the era where we rather update each other about our lives through WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram than calling.

In fact the times are such that children are more likely to know about the viral video on social media and WhatsApp or about which celebrity is dating whom more than the adults would ever know. Is that not a matter to worry about? There are many reasons as to why these gadgets need to be kept away from children.

1. Affects the brain growth

Maximum brain development happens from childbirth to the age of 21. A wide range of activities and simulations are required for this and handset is definitely not involved in this. In fact these could cause delays in cognitive development and lead to impaired learning.

Handsets for kids

2. They hamper the social development in a child

Because the kids spend most of their time with their eyes glued to their handsets, they hardly interact with people, be it their friends or family members. There is less scope for social skills development in such a case.



3. Leads to obesity

There is no physical movement required when using a handset. Sometimes children spend hours at end stuck on these handsets and without moving even a bit. Such lack of movement and exercise  lead to health issues like obesity.



4. Sleep deprivation

Because of spending hours on the phone children do not get sound and proper sleep which leads to sleep deprivation.



5. Exposure to radiation

The radiation in the handsets is quite harmful to adults, too. Long period of close contact with the handsets could lead to severe damage on children because of the high level of radiation sent out by these devices.



6. Harmful for the eyes

Blurry or impaired vision is one of the major health hazards posed by handsets.



7. Leads to digital dementia

Exposure to handset leads to short-term memory loss, cognitive dysfunction and brain imbalance in teens and young adults. This is called as ‘digital dementia’.



8. Children can become a target or inducer of cyberbullying

Cyberbullying poses physical and mental threats for adults, too. So imagine how it would affect a child. Or, worse, the child himself could become a cyberbully.



9. Distraction from studies

With days and hours spent poring over the handsets, children sidetrack the main aim of learning and studying. Knowledge through books and schools takes a backseat when distraction in the form of handsets lands in their hands.



10. It could lead to accidents in and outside the house

They might fall down the stairs, bang against furniture or, worse, could get hit by a moving vehicle while they walk with their eyes on the screen of the smartphones.



11. The exposure to adult content and pornography is very likely

The internet is full of adult content and pornography, and children are very likely to get exposed to this when using the handsets.


12. They cause a distraction in the schools and classrooms

The teachers are not able to teach properly because children are busy with their handsets. Children as well as teachers are distracted because of this.



13. No form of physical exercise or play

Children opt to rather spend time with the handsets and get almost no exercise or playtime.



14. Creates gap between parents and children

Children hardly interact with parents because of their handset addiction. They would rather play games or watch a video on the handset than have an interaction with the adults or parents around them.



15. Children become defensive about wrong things

Many times when children are not allowed to use smartphones because of spending so much time using them, they become defensive about it.



16. Could lead to arguments

The defensiveness sometimes even leads to arguments between parents and children, and sometimes between the parents, too.



17. Children are exposed to unreliable content

We all know that everything on the internet isn’t always true or reliable. Would we want the children to get exposed to such unreliable content? They are gullible enough to believe it after all.



18. Increases mental stress

Playing games and surfing the internet can cause stress in the children.



19. No real friends

Children prefer playing games and watching videos rather than talking to or playing with children their age. This leads to them having very few or no friends.



20. No interest in worldly things

They stop showing interest in things like what to eat, what to wear, going to school, keeping the room clean and other worldly things.



21. They become emotionally detached

Children start showing signs of detachment. They don’t care about how their activities are affecting others around them.


Phone effect

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