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Keeping Up The Faith After A Heartbreak

We love love stories, whether in a book form or in a movie. We dream about having long walks down the beach and candlelight dinners. Right from childhood we have been fantasizing about such things. The fairy tales and romantic films have made the whole idea of ‘Love Forever & Always’ a clichéd one.

Sometimes in the quest for the immortal love, we are betrayed and lose faith in the idea of love itself. So, here are some ways to keep up the faith!

1. Get to know the person better before taking a firm decision.

It is possible that your trust was broken because you jumped into a relationship too quickly. So take time with the next one!

Trust issues

2. Stop comparing present events with the past ones.

What has gone by never comes back; even the bad experiences and heartbreak. So don’t hold on to the past.


Dealing with trust

3. Accept the fact that some people are simply bad eggs.

Just because someone in the past broke your heart does not imply that everyone will. It was a one off and you probably learnt your lesson. There might be others like that too but not everyone would be that way!


Dealing with trust

4. Try to understand where and how things went wrong in the past.

Analyze what went wrong in the past. It might have been his/her fault but maybe you were to be blamed, too. Improve on the things that led to the heartbreak and you might be able to avoid the same happening again.


Dealing with trust issues

5. Accept your flaws and faults.

If it indeed was your fault, accept it and forgive the opposite person. Holding grudges isn’t going to help anyone. If you have a flaw, accept that as well! That helps in moving on and being acceptable to new people


Dealing with trust issues

6. Communicate about your fears and expectations rather than expecting your partner to understand.

We tend to expect that our partners understand us, and most of the times they do. But, hey, None of us have mind reading powers! So it’s better to speak it out rather than ending up disappointed and holding grudges.


Dealing with trust issues

7. Give yourself and life another chance.

If you keep blaming yourself for what happened you will only fall deeper into the pit of self-loathing and low self-esteem which isn’t going to help anyone. So pick yourself up and give life another go!


After breakup

8. Trust is a two-way street.

If you don’t trust someone they won’t trust you back either. Remember that all relationships and everything in a relationship is a two-way street. Only if you give, you get back, and what you give comes back to you.


After breakup

Deep conversations, talking about likes and dislikes, sharing dreams and such things which go beyond physical intimacy make a relationship stronger. But unfortunately, some face heartbreaks on the way to finding true love!

However that doesn’t mean ‘forever love’ doesn’t exist at all. There is someone out there who’d appreciate it just as much as you do. So don’t give up!

*as published on Topyaps

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