Living with the way you look

Not all of us are blessed with looks that make heads turn. But this in no way means that people who don’t look good aren’t good human beings. A lot of goods and services are circled around the concept of beauty. Everyone’s major selling point is to “make you look beautiful”.

So, if these things get to you and you feel the self-confidence depleting, here are some ways to boost it up.

1. Focus on what you are good at

All of us aren’t actors or models that we have to depend on our looks to get us the money (although being good looking isn’t a perquisite for becoming an actor either). So focusing on your talent and the things that you are good at are the best way to let go of inhibitions regarding how you look. Painting, writing, teaching; the list of things one can be good at is endless. Creativity has no limits!

Living own life

2. Do things that make you happy

Engage yourself in activities that make you happy instead of brooding over why you aren’t blessed with good looks or how unfair life is. Listen to music, read a book, go out and explore the world. There are so many activities you can engage in rather feeling sorry about yourself.


Living own way

3. Read or watch videos about other’s lives and struggles

There are so many people whose success stories will truly inspire you. Acid attack survivors, people with disabilities, someone who met with a major accident and survived, these are people who have been through struggles which are incomparable and yet they emerged above it all. Surely not being beautiful would pale in comparison as a problem or worry when compared to these! You will realize how petty your worries are.


Living own way

4. Groom yourself

Instead of feeling sorry about yourself and complaining or being sad about it, you can work upon improving your looks. Dressing smartly, keeping yourself in good shape are definitely some things that will make your personality impressive. Note that grooming doesn’t mean you are not good looking.

Living own way

5. Surround yourself with positive people

Peer pressure and people who try to bring others down are two of the main reasons behind depression. Ridiculing someone for their looks is downright petty. Keeping away from such people would be a good start to boosting your self-confidence. Instead, you should surround yourselves with like-minded people who bring out the best in you.


Living onw way

6. Engage yourself in some activities — join a dance class, learn yoga, etc.

Learning something new keeps the mind as well as body active, busy and, most importantly, distracted from negative thoughts. So learn something new by joining an art class or ballet dance class. There is so much to learn out there! Why not add an extra talent to the CV and who knows it could turn out to be something you actually enjoy!


Living own way

7. Remember, you’re perfect the way you are. Don’t let anyone steal your charm!


Living own way


Thankfully, people are beginning to understand and accept each other for what they are. But there still are many mean people out there!

*as published on TopYaps

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