8 Ways On How To Keep A Sapiosexual Partner Happy

Intelligence, humor and creativity are some traits only few people appreciate. Sapiosexuals are those who not only appreciate, but actively seek such qualities in their potential partner as well. They’re easily bored despite trying hard to get involved. Sure, they are super fun to hang out with, but if they are one’s significant other, life sure isn’t going to be a walk in the park! So here are some ways to keep them hooked.

1. Meaningful conversations, witty comebacks, insightful debates and arguments.

Most people get offended when answered back, but sapiosexuals love a partner who is sassy.


2. Let go of the pettiness.

Girly talks and masochism not only bore them but also turn them off. So don’t indulge in talks like “So this friend of mine….blah blah” or even girly talks like “What do I wear?” or “My hair is so messed up!”. For guys, don’t indulge in showing off your workout routine or your biceps.



3. Impress them with your taste in books, music, literature and arts.

Sapiosexuals wouldn’t mind if you’re a complete mess physically. They won’t even notice if your hair is tied up in bun or your clothes are disheveled. What might get their attention is your taste in books, music, literature and arts. So if none of these interest you, the sapiosexual might soon lose interest in you.



4. Unconventional dates.

A walk down the beach or a candlelight dinner would be too clichéd for their minds. So refrain from doing that. An ideal date for a sapiosexual would be a visit to the museum, a vintage car show or even just you at your work. They love to see their loved ones being all professional and bossy. So show that side of yours to them to make yourself more appealing in their eyes.



5. Watch your language and grammar.

Most sapiosexuals are sticklers for perfect grammar and punctuation. So if you use ‘supp’ or ‘hiya’ in your messages, emails or social media posts, you’re a goner in their eyes. Write long sentences with impressive words without missing the right punctuation (commas, capitalization and periods, and, of course, no abbreviations!) and you can be sure they’ll be impressed. Also, it wouldn’t hurt if the same is coupled up with good pronunciations or impeccable oratory as well. If you correct their mistakes in spoken or written language, it would be like a cherry on top!


6. Try communicating through body language or your eyes.

The idea of having a bond beyond language also appeals a lot to sapiosexuals. So try communicating through body language or your eyes. Or better still, try to decipher what they are trying to communicate through their body language! If you guess it correctly, you’re a definite keeper. Also, sapisexuals love puns! So if you’re speaking, be fluent in sarcasm and use puns.



7. An artistic appeal.

If you’re inviting them to your house, make sure you have a good collection of books and music! A little artistic appeal in the décor wouldn’t hurt either. Nothing impresses them more than a person’s good taste in arts and literature. Also, refrain from talking about your cutlery or crockery unless, of course, it is vintage or a rare collectible.



8. Be goofy and show your vulnerability or ignorance.

Do not, under any circumstance, be a show off on subjects that you have no or little knowledge about. Admit your ignorance and they will appreciate the honesty. It would be an added plus if you let go of all your inhibitions. Show them your ridiculous side as they melt when they see someone smart being goofy and funny too.



Such people are hard to impress and even harder to hold on to. So, how to keep up the interest of such a partner?  Yes, it is quite challenging but nothing worth having and holding on to comes easy, right? Having a sapiosexual partner comes with challenges as it involves keeping your brain active all the time! But isn’t that a great advantage too? You might find traits about yourself even you didn’t know!

*as published on TopYaps

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